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How much does a funeral cost in Spain?

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How much does a funeral cost in Spain?
According to figures from Spain’s Organisation of Consumers and Users the average price of a funeral in Spain in 2021 was €3739. Photo: MIGUEL RIOPA/AFP

Organising a funeral takes a huge emotional toll when you've lost a loved one. Unfortunately, it can also take a financial toll too. What costs do you have to factor in and what should you be paying in your region of Spain?


The old adage goes that there are only two certainties in life: death and taxes. Well, death, it turns out, or more specifically organising and paying for a funeral in Spain, might actually feel like paying a big chunk of tax - as it can be very expensive.

But how much does a funeral cost in Spain, and how does it stack up against other countries?


Funeral costs in Spain

According to figures from Spain’s Organisation of Consumers and Users (OCU) the average price of a funeral involving a traditional burial costs €3,739.

Cremation is cheaper, but only slightly: a funeral service with cremation will set you back €3,617 in Spain.

In both instances that includes the service, which can be expensive enough in itself, but anyone who has had to organise a funeral in the past knows that that’s just one part of the funeral.

The costs add up

Factor in the cost of the coffin, the flowers, whether you opt for a full burial or a cremation, extra costs to the funeral home, the cost of a tombstone, and a death certificate, and the funeral becomes not just a terribly sad event but a very expensive one too.

Then, on top of that, you’ll have to pay for costs such as an obituary if you want one, the funeral car, the preparation of the body and, above all, pay the staff. 

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According to a report from Panasef, Spain’s National Association of Funeral Services, 56.7 percent of funeral costs in Spain go on administrative and medical procedures, including tanatopraxia - the process of preserving, dressing and preparing the body for the funeral - whereas the actual burial itself, or the cremation if you choose that, only makes up around 16.5 percent of the total cost.

Of all the costs of a funeral, however, the single greatest expense is the coffin. In Spain, a regular coffin without any luxuries or personalisations (which can add hundreds or even thousands to the price) can cost anywhere between €600 and €1,300, depending on the material. The average cost in Spain is around €1,200.

According to the OCU figures, the average Spanish funeral costs €1,198 for the coffin, €646 for the burial itself and the cemetery expenses, €546 for the funeral home, €319 for obituaries, €291 for staff and service, €211 for the funeral car, €205 on administrative procedures, €186 on flowers and another €137 on contingency expenses.

Regional differences

The OCU study, which was based on data from 113 funeral homes in 29 Spanish cities, also found that there are significant price differentials for funeral costs across Spain. Vigo, in the northern region of Galicia, is the most expensive in the whole country, with costs topping €5,000.

Costs also break the €5,000 threshold in Alicante, Santander, Madrid and Pamplona. 

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On the other hand, some of the cheaper places for a funeral in Spain include in Zaragoza, Cádiz, Albacete, Logroño and Tenerife, where funerals can be arranged for under €3,000.

Key areas and prices

Alicante - Burial: €5,455. Cremation: €5,533.

​​Barcelona - Burial: €3,863. Cremation: €4,052.

​​Madrid - Burial: €5,196. Cremation: €3,565.

Malaga - Burial: €2,969. Cremation: €2,860.

Murcia - Burial: €3,051. Incineration: €3,454.

Palma de Mallorca - Burial: €3,636. Cremation: €3,002.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife - Burial: €2,975. Cremation: €3,079.

Valencia: Burial: €3,368. Cremation: €3,583.


International prices

Funeral costs in Spain can certainly add up, but how do they compare to other countries around the world?

The world’s most expensive funeral costs are in Japan, where all costs combined add up to a jaw dropping €25,908. In Europe, the most expensive country to bury someone is Germany, where it costs on average €7,250. 

Funerals in France are also far more expensive than in Spain, averaging out at €4,110, but surprisingly Sweden is cheaper, at €2,705, as is Portugal at €2,770.

Some of Europe’s cheapest funerals are in Italy, where it costs €1,948 on average, and in Croatia (€1,168) and Denmark (€1,131). 

Across the pond in the United States, average funeral costs are a pricey €6,799, and in the UK it’s €4,715.

It should be noted that all prices and expenses quoted in this article are averages based on OCU data without having death insurance, something that would significantly lower funeral costs.


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