Six ways to use the Spanish verb ‘tocar’

Six ways to use the Spanish verb 'tocar'
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Today's Spanish word of the day is a common verb, which means 'to touch' but it also has many more meanings depending on how it's used.

Tocar la puerta means to knock on the door:

  • Toca la puerta antes de entrar en su despacho.

                Knock on the door before entering his office.

Tocar a su fin means to get to the end:

  • El partido está tocando a su fin y tu equipo va perdiendo.

               The game is getting to the end and your team is losing.

Tocar de cerca means to have a profound effect on somebody personally:

  • El tema de la salud me toca muy de cerca, prefiero hablar de otra cosa.

             Talking about health really touches a nerve, I prefer to talk about something else.

Tocar un instrumento means to play an instrument:  

  • En el colegio tocaba el piano.

             At school I played the piano.

Tocar fondo means to hit rock bottom

  • Ese día toqué fondo. Al día siguiente empecé a ir a Alcohólicos Anónimos

         That day I hit rock bottom. The following day I started going to AA.

Tocar las narices means to annoy somebody:

  • No me toques las narices y vete de aquí.

         Stop annoying me and go away.

This song is called 'Toca Toca!' Can you guess the meaning according to the context?



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