Spanish Word of the day: 'Dieta'

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The Local - [email protected] • 14 May, 2019 Updated Tue 14 May 2019 09:31 CEST
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This word is very similar to the word in English diet. However it has a few different meanings in Spanish.




To be on a diet


  • Después de la última revisión el médico le puso a dieta para adelgazar.

               After the last checkup the doctor put him on an strict diet to lose weight.



Subsistence allowance


  • Dentro de su salario están incluidas las dietas.

               His salary includes the diets.



Legislative assembly


  • La dieta del Parlamento Europeo se reúne una vez cada 6 meses.

               The European Parliament comes together once every 6 months.


Compound forms


Balanced diet


  • Los niños deben tener una dieta equilibrada para crecer sanos.

               Children must have a balanced diet to grow healthy.



To break the diet


         - Una vez a la semana rompe su dieta  y come todo el chocolate que quiere.

           Once a month he breaks the diet and eats all the chocolate he wants.



Weight loss diet


  • La dieta reductora puede ser efectiva o no dependiendo del caso.

               The weight loss diet can be effective depending on the case.



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This word of the day has been contributed by LAE Madrid, the leading Spanish academy in Madrid. Accredited by the Insitituto Cervantes, it offers Spanish courses for all levels and also has Spanish classes for kids and families.

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The Local 2019/05/14 09:31

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[email protected] 2019/05/18 15:19
"His salary includes the diets." This makes little sense in English. Do you mean that his salary includes a meal allowance?

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