Meet the Spaniard making morcilla with his very own blood!

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Meet the Spaniard making morcilla with his very own blood!
Morcilla made with human blood? Photo: Playground.

You’ve heard the arguments over which of Spain’s blood sausage variety is the best. Some think it hails from Burgos, others believe the blend of pig’s blood, rice, onion and spices is better in Leon.


But what on earth would these traditionalists think about the concoction currently being made in Alloza, a remote village in Teruel province, a sausage that its creator claims would be suitable for vegans because it is made using one’s own blood?

Yes, you read that right. The first step of the recipe involves extracting 40ml of one’s own blood fresh from the vein.

Raúl Escuín, a wood cutter in a village with a population of just 600 people, has found fame after adapting an old family recipe to create what he believes is the first vegan morcilla.

Raul at home in Alloza, Teruel province. Photo:

The 30 year old insists that his version of morcilla is vegan friendly because it doesn’t involve any animal abuse in its creation but how on earth did he come up with the idea?

“It’s something that I have been thinking about since I was a child,” he told The Local. “It just doesn’t seem that weird to me.”

His creation came to light in December after he featured in a youtube documentary by Playground which soon went viral on social media.

“Yes, I know that humans are animals too and it is therefore an animal product, but if it doesn’t involve animal abuse then it truly conforms to the vegan ethos,” he said. “If you are vegan and want to eat morcilla then the only option you have is to make it with your own blood.”

His recipe involves extracting 40 ml of blood  - which is done by a professional nurse who lives in the village  - before frying it up with rice, onions, water and a selection of herbs and spices.

The mixture is then inserted into a vegan sausage casing before being boiled, sliced and fried in the usual way.

He has encouraged others to make their own morcilla using their own blood. “So far everyone who has tasted their own blood sausage, has been surprised by how tasty it is!” he insists.

But he warns that under no circumstances should the morcilla be shared with another person. “No, that really would be cannibalism,” he said.

Escuín has plans to take his project on the road and host workshops  - with trained nurses to extract the blood - enabling others to create their own blood morcilla. Tentative dates are already set for Zaragoza, Madrid and Barcelona.

And what do the inhabitants of Alloza think about the culinary creation putting their small village on the map?

“There are people here who understand what I’m doing and others who really don’t,” he admits. “But my friends and family are all supportive.” 

For more about Raúl Escuín's project check out his website

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