‘Wars have been started over less’: Spain reacts brilliantly to UK supermarket's cheesy churros

Fiona Govan
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‘Wars have been started over less’: Spain reacts brilliantly to UK supermarket's cheesy churros
The cheesy churros creation that has so offended Spain. Photo: Morrisons

As if things aren’t tense enough between Britain and Spain at the moment as the perennial thorny issue of Gibraltar threatens to derail Theresa May’s Brexit deal, but then someone in Britain had the nerve to mess with a Spanish culinary classic.


Who can forget the dangers of innovation when it comes to Spanish cuisine? Jamie Olivier brought the two nations almost to the brink of war when he added chorizo to a recipe for paella.

And now British supermarket Morrisons has included its take on a traditional treat, cherished by the Spanish nation: The churro.

While Spaniards eat the sweet dough sticks as breakfast treat, tipped in a cup of thick rich chocolate, or as a pick-me-up after a night out on the town, Morrisons dared to come up with a new  concept entirely.

Savoury churros filled with melted cheese for dipping in a tomato and red pepper salsa with a dry cheese sprinkle.

I had a feeling this wouldn’t sit well with the Spanish. So I turned to Twitter to find out.


Spain didn’t disappoint.

Hundreds have commented on the post sharing their horror with humour. There’s been a few declarations of war, some very disparaging statements about Briitish food in general and quite a few mentions of Gibraltar.

Brexit has also reared its ugly head, with the general opinion being that in light of crimes against Spanish food, it can’t happen soon enough.

Here are some of the best responses.

"Wars have been declared over less," replied @espball

"Keep Gibraltar but don't do this please," wrote @bastaluek.

"'British cooking', nice oxymoron," said @ckd_Haven.

"I'm Valenciano and I want to denounce this for cultural appropriation," posted @jorgealvarzpedr

"A Brit cooking is like God creating the Platypus. Just stop with the 'Mode random on'" wrote @laratainfecta.

"We will strike back with fish & chips layered over maple syrup and sprouts. No survivors there," warned @GLDdP.


A few comments made reference to another activity Brits are infamous for in Spain, that of falling off balconies during their holidays.


There were plenty of memes showing true revulsion at the idea of cheesy churros. 




And memes suggesting declarations of war.





Some thought it was evidence that Brexit should happen as soon as possible. 


And others just perplexed that such a thing could be brought into existence. 




Some took offence that the creations - which are made of potato and not the sweet dough of traditional variety - could even be called 'churros' at all, 

"The worst part is that these are made of POTATO. These are bloomin' fried gnocchi, nothing to do with churros!" pointed out @milkwasabad.

One wit even blamed Morrisons for the current stand-off between the Spanish Prime Minister and Theresa May over the Brexit deal.


The one thing that was made abundantly clear was "Never ever mess with churros": 



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