Spanish Word of the Day: ‘Listillo’

Spanish Word of the Day: 'Listillo'
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A listillo is a wise guy, smarty pants or smart aleck.

The word comes from listo, meaning clever, or bright. When you add -illo to many masculine nouns in Spanish, it indicates something endearing or small.This example is slightly different, however, and -illo changes the meaning completely and is almost used in a sarcastic or patronising, jokey way to change it from being clever to being a smart ass. 

This may be seen as a negative word but it is also used affectionately among friends.

Let's look at some sentences:


  • No me gustan los listillos, especialmente cuando creen que tienen razón.

      I don’t like smart-asses, especially when they think they’re right.


When using the verb ir – we indicate that someone thinks that they're smart or that they're trying to be.

  • Javier va de listillo cuando en realidad no tiene ni idea de nada.

       Javier thinks he's clever but he doesn't have any idea about anything.




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