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Ten Spanish mistakes even Spaniards make

Ten Spanish mistakes even Spaniards make
Photo: Hobvias Sudoneighm/Flickr
Frustrated with your Spanish? Don't sweat it: Even native speakers sometimes make mistakes. Here we list some of the most common ones — all in the name of making you feel better about yourself of course.

It turns out English speakers don’t have a monopoly on mangling their language. Spanish speakers pepper their speech and writing with errors too.

A book published by Spain’s Cervantes Institute— Las 500 dudas más frecuentes del español — tackles the 500 thorniest issues faced by native speakers of Spanish.

Go straight to the gallery of common errors made by native speakers of Spanish.

Dealing with everything from spelling — kiosco or quiosco? (you’ll see both) — to accents — porque or porqué? (the second is a noun meaning ‘reason’ or ‘motive’) — the book is designed to help native speakers of Spanish clear up their doubts about their language.

At the same time, the book also contains enough mistakes to make non-native learners feel a lot better about themselves.

But basta (or should that be vasta?) with all the small talk. Let’s get on with it.

Read on to see The Local’s gallery of Spanish mistakes even native speakers make.

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