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Spanish children say no to a career in politics
Photo: Tony Alter

Spanish children say no to a career in politics

Published on: 07 Aug 2013 17:50 CET

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Only 4.4 percent of Spanish children are eyeing a future in Parliament, new research by human resources firm Adecco shows.

And while more than eight out ten Spanish children think their parents are happy at work, only 4.3 percent want to follow in their footsteps, the research reveals.

The study of some 1,700 children aged four to 16 found that the most coveted job for girls is teaching with 22.3 percent opting for the profession.

Being a vet is also a popular choice among girls (11.8 percent) while one in ten say they want to be doctors when they grew up.

The top choice for boys is 'footballer' with 21 percent hoping to be the new Leo Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo.

Spain’s next generation also want to be the boss of their own destinies with 61.2 percent opting for more power in the workplace despite the increased responsibilities.

Unemployment also came up in the Adecco poll: 17 percent of children in the study said one at least one of their parents was unemployed.

Asked what advice they would give their out-of-work parents, 44.6 percent of the youngsters opted for logic and said their mums and dads should look for work.

Another one in three youngsters said those parents should work hard while a further 10 percent said a good education was important.

Others cited the importance of "not giving up" and "staying positive". 

Asked what they valued in their future job, just over a third of children said they want to have a job they like while only one in eight are interested in a high salary.

But not all of the children were on point here.

Some plumped for sweets as the most important aspect of a future job, while one child wanted a Christmas tree, and another dolphins.

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