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'I never use my second language at work': Poll
File photo: Alan Clark

'I never use my second language at work': Poll

Published on: 04 Oct 2013 11:18 CET

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A total of 63.3 percent of people polled by HR firm Adecco Professional said they never even used the languages they had been told they would need in their job.
Meanwhile, 37 percent said they did use those languages — but almost a third of people in this group (14 percent) said they did so only occasionally.
But the Adecco study also revealed languages continued to play a key role in finding work in Spain.
Some 53.7 percent of people surveyed said they had been told they need a second language — apart from Spanish — at their last job interview.
Meanwhile 25 percent of those people said they two foreign languages had been required.
English remains the most in demand language with 63 percent of employers wanting candidates to speak the language.
French came in a distant second with 11.3 percent of employers requiring it, while the figure for German was 10.7 percent.     
A total of 8.7 percent of employers wanted candidates to speak Catalan as a second language.

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