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Spaniards score high on job satisfaction
The study shows that good relationships with co-workers and promotion prospects outweigh stress and low salaries. Photo: aguascalientes/FLickr

Spaniards score high on job satisfaction

Published on: 01 Jul 2013 16:19 CET

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A study by Cologne's Institute of German Economics has revealed that 81 per cent of Spanish workers are "happy" or "very happy" with their work situation.

The results put Spaniards some way behind Germany (88 percent) or Denmark (94.9 percent) but streets ahead of Albania where just 54.8 percent of workers said they were happy with their job, according to Spanish business daily El Economista.

The research, which used data from the Eurofund organization, highlighted promotion prospects alongside relationships with bosses and colleagues as being the primary feel-good factors.

Institute director Michael Hüther pointed out that these indicators outweighed salary levels, job insecurity, or even the stress of working under severe pressure.

The study was commissioned after the release of several recent analyses into the increasing precariousness of the German job market.

Around 8 million Germans are estimated to be working for the minimum wage or in a so-called 'minijobs', a form of marginal, low-paid casual employment.

Steve Tallantyre(news@thelocal.es)

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