NASA warns Spain could soon reach 50C

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NASA warns Spain could soon reach 50C
NASA warns Spain could reach 50C. Photo: CRISTINA QUICLER / AFP

This year has seemed like a never ending series of heatwaves, which started earlier than ever with the hottest April on record, but we may be on course to experience even higher temperatures in the near future.


Up until now, the hottest temperature ever recorded in Spain is 47.6C. This was in 2021 in La Rambla in the province of Córdoba in Andalusia. But there is a chance that our country could get even hotter and those blazing temperatures more frequent. 

Head of the ocean ecology laboratory at NASA Goddard Space Flight Centre in the US, Carlos del Castillo, has warned that Spain could break its current record and reach a scorching 50C or more.

“Yes, during heatwaves, it is plausible that we reach those temperatures (50C). The stove continues to be turned on and the temperatures will continue to rise", he said.

Parts of the US, northern Africa and the Middle East have already experienced temperatures above 50C and Europe is not far behind as there the hottest ever recorded on this continent was a blistering 48.8C on the Italian island of Sicily. 

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According to Del Castillo, the ongoing climate crisis means that it's unlikely that this trend will reverse.

The cause for this “are greenhouse gas emissions, and we continue to emit more gases into the atmosphere. That is why there is no reason to think that temperatures are not going to continue to rise,” the NASA scientist warned.

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Del Castillo was one of the four scientists who participated recently in an international press conference organised by NASA to analyse the impacts of climate change.  


What does the future hold for the weather in Spain? 

Del Castillo's forecasts don’t paint a pretty picture. He believes that if governments don’t drastically reduce emissions from fossil fuels, the country will suffer a greater number of heatwaves in the coming years.

"There will be more heatwaves and temperatures will continue to rise as we have already seen during these months that have been extremely warm", he explained.

Not only will the summers become insufferable, but the expert also warned that snowfall during the winters in Spain could become more intense too.

"The amount of water vapour is increasing due to the rate of evaporation of seawater and this can bring more rain, but also, although it may sound paradoxical, more intense snowfalls too", Del Castillo said.  


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How will life here be affected? 

The scorching temperatures will affect every part of life in Spain.  

Key sectors of the Spanish economy, such as tourism, may decline due to the rise of the mercury. It will also cause a rise in sea ​​levels, flooding or washing away the beaches that millions flock here every year to enjoy.  

The sweltering weather may even make some parts of the country uninhabitable, forcing people away from the interiors of Andalusia and moving further north to the cooler regions of the country.   


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