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Where Americans in Spain can celebrate Thanksgiving and buy US food

For Americans who live in either Madrid and Barcelona and wanting a taste of home, here are the restaurants in Spain that celebrate Thanksgiving and the shops where you can buy American food products.

where to eat thanksgiving dinner in spain
For those wanting to cook a Thanksgiving meal at home in Madrid and Barcelona, fortunately you can buy American food products in specialised stores in both cities. Photo: Claudio Schwarz/Unsplash

On the fourth Thursday of November, Americans in the US and around the world celebrate Thanksgiving.

Among them are the almost 40,000 Americans officially living in Spain.

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Many may miss home on that day, longing to see their family and taste some of the traditional Thanksgiving food.

So it’s not uncommon for US nationals living in the same part of Spain to meet up and celebrate Thanksgiving together.

If you don’t fancy cooking this year, and you live in either Madrid or Barcelona, there are a number of restaurants that usually celebrate the day and serve Thanksgiving menus.

Here are some of the ones you can give a call to find out if they have a menú de Acción de Gracias and a table available for you this year:

Desencaja Bistro (Madrid)

Located in the Chamartín neighbourhood of Madrid, Desencaja Bistro’s Thanksgiving menu is only available on the day (Thursday 24th) but is available for both lunch and dinner for €42.

La Gamella (Madrid)

La Gamella restaurant next to El Retiro park is offering a Thanksgiving menu for €45, including roast turkey, all the sides, pumpkin pie, coffee and a drink. You can find La Gamella is on Calle de Alfonso XII, 4.

Puerto Lagasca (Madrid)

This restaurant in Madrid’s Chamberí neighbourhood has previously dished up a menu of stuffed turkey, accompanied by green beans, corn bread and blueberry sauce.

Nice To Meet You (Madrid)

Nice To Meet You usually offers a Thanksgiving menu with all the traditional trimmings, including clam chowder, stuffed turkey and sides, and pumpkin pie for desert. The menu is €35, but the highlight of eating here is the spectacular 360-degree views from its terrace.

New York Burger (Madrid and Barcelona)

The New York Burger chain has restaurants in Madrid (on San Germán, 5, Calle Recoletos, 4, Paseo de la Castellana, 89 and Miguel Ángel, 16), in Alcobendas (Avenida de Europa, 10) and also in Barcelona on Calla Pelayo, 5.

The menu includes turkey breast and thigh, turkey gravy, apple sauce and sweet potato puree. For desert is Banoffee pie with caramel and the menu is €50 for two or three people.

The American Club of Madrid

The American Club of Madrid also usually holds a Thanksgiving dinner event to bring Americans living in the capital together.

La Otra de Malasaña (Madrid)

From Wednesday 23rd of November until Sunday 27th, La Otra Bar offers a Thanksgiving menu for €45 that includes Clam Chowder, traditional turkey with sides, pumpkin pie and a bottle of wine between two people.

Hard Rock Cafe (Madrid, Barcelona, Seville)

Though the Hard Rock Cafe’s Spanish franchise are experiencing some financial difficulties, the classic American style restaurant-bar usually offers some kind of Thanksgiving menu. With restaurants in Madrid (C. de Preciados, 11), Barcelona (Plaza de Catalunya, 21) and Seville (C. San Fernando, 3), you can enjoy some American home comforts from the 24th-27th November. In the past the Hard Rock menu has included the traditional roast turkey breast with braised vegetables, sweet potato puree and blueberry sauce for €19.95, with pumpkin pie for desert (€6.95) and an Espresso Martini (€12.90).

Where to buy American food products in Spain

For those wanting to cook a Thanksgiving meal at home in Madrid and Barcelona, fortunately you can buy American food products in specialised stores in both cities. But when it comes to buying a turkey, you may be better off enquiring at your local carnicería (butcher’s).

Taste of America (Madrid)

This is a small chain of supermarkets selling American products with branches across Madrid. Click here for a full list of all their locations, but if you’re stocking up for a proper Thanksgiving dinner it might be best to head to their to their main store in the Chamberí district (Calle de Cea Bermúdez, 58-60.)

Sabores del Mundo (Madrid)

As the name might suggest (Flavours of the World) this isn’t a place that only sells American products, but with 400 American products in store, you’ll have a good chance of finding what you’re looking for. Find it on Calle del Doctor Gómez Ulla, 10.

The Shop (Pozuelo, Madrid)

The Shop, found on Avenida de Europa, 20, Local 6 Pozuelo de Alarcón, sells both British and American products.

Taste of America (Barcelona)

Taste of America has over 2.000 products and also hold cooking classes to help you prepare for Thanksgiving if you’ve lived in Spain for a few years and need a refresher. 

You can find Taste of America at C. Balmes, 322, and C. Aragó, 231, and there’s also a shop in Esplugues de Llobregat, C.Nord, 62.

You can also shop online on their website.

A Taste of Home (Barcelona)

A Taste of Home is predominantly an English product shop, but they do also sell American products. You can find them on C. Roger de Llúria, 53, and they also have a shop in Sitges on C. Sant Josep, 32.

Do you know of any other shops or restaurants we should add to this list? Please leave a comment below or let us know by email.

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Meet the Spanish twin chefs who earned a third Michelin star

When they were just eight years old, Spanish twins Sergio and Javier Torres set a goal: they wanted to become chefs who were among the top in their field.

Meet the Spanish twin chefs who earned a third Michelin star

To achieve this they strategically split up to get training in different esteemed kitchens around the world, published books on cooking and presented a popular TV show.

The plan worked.

Over four decades after they surprised their family by saying they wanted to be chefs, Sergio and Javier’s Barcelona restaurant, Cocina Hermanos Torres, was awarded a third Michelin star last month.

“We developed a plan, that I think is a perfect plan,” a smiling Javier, 51, said at the restaurant, one of only 13 in Spain and Portugal with the top three-star ranking from the prestigious French guide.

“When we started to go out of Barcelona we thought that Sergio would take one path, I would take another, and we would never coincide until we were ready,” he added.

The journey took the twins – who grew up in a working-class Barcelona neighbourhood – to different elite restaurants in Spain, Switzerland and France.

Before moving to Paris where he worked with top French chef Alain Ducasse, Sergio spent two years at the award-winning Le Jardin des Sens in Montpellier which is also run by twins – Jacques and Laurent Pourcel.

“We were separated but every month we met up in a restaurant, ate well, we spent the little money we had and developed the next steps of our strategy,” said Sergio as sat beside his brother.

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Grandmother influence

Each brother specialised in different areas – one learned to cook meat and vegetables, the other fish and bread, he added.

Both siblings credit their grandmother for their passion for cooking. She was part of a wave of people who moved from the southern region of Andalusia to the more industrialised Catalonia in the northeast in search of better life following Spain’s devastating 1936-39 civil war.

“Our grandmother looked after us, and since she was in the kitchen all day we literally grew up in a kitchen,” said Sergio.

After earning two Michelin stars with their previous project “Dos Cielos” and becoming familiar faces thanks to their participation in a cooking show, they decided to open Cocina Hermanos Torres in 2018.

The twins visited some 200 possible locations before settling on an industrial building near Barcelona’s iconic Camp Nou football stadium.

They invested nearly €3 million to convert it into the restaurant, which seats a maximum of 50 people in tables with no wall separating them from the three work stations where staff prepare meals.

“We wanted to reflect what we experienced in our childhood, which was a kitchen and a table, and everyone around the table,” said Javier.

‘Difficult road’

The tasting menu costs €255, with another €160 if it is paired with wine, a stiff price in a country where the monthly minimum wage is around €1,000.

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Praised for its creative and playful cuisine, among the dishes served is cured squid with poultry broth and an onion soup with Parmesan cheese and truffles.

“You will experience flavours that you have never experienced before, because you will discover a cuisine where you will like what you don’t like,” said Sergio.

On a recent visit at noon 50 staff members – many of them young – are busy at work finalising details before customers arrive.

“It seems like today a chef is like a ‘super star’. It’s a very difficult road, very difficult, with long hours and it’s very hard to make it, it takes tremendous perseverance,” said Sergio.

“You have to risk it, go for broke, give it your all, because if you don’t, you are not living,” he added with a smile.