REMINDER: How drivers in Spain can get 20 euro cents off every litre of fuel

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REMINDER: How drivers in Spain can get 20 euro cents off every litre of fuel
The average Spanish household saves around €65 over the three month period, or €75 for petrol. (Photo by JOSEP LAGO / AFP)

Spain's government recently extended its 20-cent-per-litre subsidy for petrol and diesel until September 30th, although the discount doesn't save you as much as it once did. Here's what drivers in Spain need to know about the subsidy in June 2022.


As part of Pedro Sánchez’s plan to lessen the impact of the Ukraine war on the Spanish economy, back in April the government included “a minimum reduction of 20 cents per litre of fuel” as one of its main measures to reduce spiralling costs for “families and businesses”.

This is available to all people in Spain, not just lorry drivers and other workers in the transport sector who went on strike en masse for two weeks in March over crippling fuel costs

The price drop applies to all types of gasoline, diesel and gas, as well as bioethanol, biodiesel and the special additive AdBlue.


The State finances 15 cents whilst the oil companies cover 5 cents, although Sánchez has praised the fact that some multinationals have committed to subsidising an even higher cost. 

All in all, it will cost the Spanish government an estimated €1.4 billion to offer these subsidies to the Spanish public, and €473 million for the petrol companies.

Until when will the discount apply?

It started on Friday April 1st 2022 and was initially planned to last three months until June 30th.

However, the Spanish government indicated early on that the package of measures rolled out in response to the Ukraine War could be extended beyond that date if necessary, something which they have done, with the new deadline set for September 30th.


How much can I expect to save on fuel?

Initially, by applying the 20-cent deduction, diesel in Spain cost €1.63 per litre on average and unleaded 95 petrol cost €1.61 per litre. 

According to Spanish consumer watchdog OCU, at first that meant that the average Spanish household would save around €65 on diesel over a three-month period, or €75 for petrol.

But the money that drivers in Spain can potentially save through the discount has been progressively dropping as fuel prices have continued to rise and many filling stations have put up their rates. 

As things stand, fuel price rises in May and June have eaten up 75 percent of the discount, meaning that drivers are in reality now only saving around 5 cents on every litre.

So overall it won’t necessarily mean huge savings for drivers but rather just a way of slightly cushioning the financial blow of the current record fuel prices.

In early June, with the state discount applied, you can expect to pay around €1.77 per litre of petrol and €1.65 per litre of diesel, keeping in mind that prices have been on an upward trend for several months.


Does the discount apply at all petrol stations in Spain?

According to the Spanish state bulletin (BOE),  the requirement of providing a 5 cent reduction only applies to companies "with refining capacity in Spain and an annual turnover of more than €750 million".

This is the case for only three of the petrol multinationals operating in Spain - Repsol, Cepsa and BP - which together represent 48 percent of the filling stations in the country. 

These companies also have offers for customers on their loyalty programmes and those managing their fuel payment via their mobile apps.

It’s worth remembering however that the Spanish government will cover at least 15 euro cents per litre at other petrol stations as well. 

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How do I get the fuel discount?

There isn’t a registration process or modus operandi that has to be followed in order to enjoy the discount. 

The offer is open to everyone and is as straightforward as filling up your tank has always been. 

The only difference to keep in mind is that the price that will appear on the fuel counter as you fill up does not include the price reduction. This will be applied by staff members at the till when it comes to paying.

Spanish petrol stations have implemented a system which shows the original price and the reduced rate on the receipt handed to drivers when they pay. 


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Anonymous 2022/09/02 19:20
Its all very well saying that you just have to register to receive the discount, but you do not say where or how to register.

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