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What are the different types of medical specialists called in Spanish?

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What are the different types of medical specialists called in Spanish?
Do you know what a podólogo or logopeda mean in Spanish? (Photo by ANNE-CHRISTINE POUJOULAT / AFP)

You may already know that the Spanish word for doctor is either ‘médico’ or ‘doctor/a’, that a nurse is an ‘enfermero/a’ and that a receptionist is a ‘recepcionista’, but what about all the other medical specialists?


Because of their common Latin root in both English and Spanish, most medical titles can be easily recognised by anglophones learning Spanish. Not all of them, however.

Here we’ll go over some of the medical specialties and how to call them in Spanish. 

A couple of pointers before we start. Remember that the syllable that has the accent on the vowel is the one you stress in Spanish. 

Also, in Spanish a “g” followed by an a,o or u is pronounced like “gh” sound like ghost or get, but a “g” followed by e or i is pronounced with a “ha” sound like hat or head.

And as most Spanish professions differentiate the person’s gender, the masculine article is “el” and the noun usually ends in “o” and the feminine article is “la” and most often ends in “a”.  There are some exceptions such as médico (doctor) where the article changes but the noun always ends in "o".

Here is a list of the majority of medical specialists and health professionals and how they are referred to in Spain.


Surgeon: el cirujano, la cirujana. Depending on the type of surgeon it can be cirujano cardiovascular, pediátrico etc or in the case of a neurosurgeon it’s a neurocirujano/a


Anaethetist (anaesthesia): el anestesiólogo, la anestesióloga


Cardiologist (heart): el cardiólogo, la cardióloga 


Dental surgeon: el odontólogo/la odontóloga


Dermatologist (skin): el dermatólogo, la dermatóloga 


Endocrinologist (hormones): el endocrinólogo, la endocrinóloga

Gastroenterologist (stomach): el gastroenterólogo, la gastroenterólogo. Most people instead el/la médico digestivo



Gynaecologist (female reproductive system): el ginecólogo, la ginecóloga


Occupational therapist: el terapeuta ocupacional, la terapeuta ocupacional 


Ophthalmologist (eyes): el oftalmólogo, la oftalmóloga 


Oncologist (cancer): el oncólogo, la oncóloga 


Orthopaedist (musculoskeletal): el ortopedista, la ortopedista 


Orthopaedic surgeon: el traumatólogo, la traumatóloga


Otolaryngologist (ear, nose, and throat - ENT): el otorrinolaringólogo, la otorrinolaringóloga. Often shortened to el/la otorrino.


Paediatrician (children): el pediatra, la pediatra


Podiatrist or chiropodist (feet): el podólogo, la podóloga


Physiotherapist (injury, illness or disability therapy): el fisioterapeuta, la fisioterapeuta. Often shortened to el/la fisio.


Psychologist (mental health): el (p)sicólogo, la (p)sicóloga 




Psychiatrist (mental health): el psiquiatra, la psiquiatra 


Pulmonologist (lungs): el neumólogo, la neumóloga


Radiologist (X-rays, MRI, CT): el radiólogo, la radióloga 


Rheumatologist (arthritis and other diseases of the joints, muscles, and bones): el reumatólogo, la reumatóloga


Speech therapist: el logopeda, la logopeda


Urologist (urinary system): el urólogo, la uróloga





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