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What to do with your Spanish Covid health pass after recovery from Covid-19

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What to do with your Spanish Covid health pass after recovery from Covid-19
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If you’ve caught Covid-19 after being vaccinated in Spain, your digital Covid certificate has to reflect this. This is what you have to do to update this document for travel or daily affairs, and why it's necessary to do so in most cases.


As Spain deals with the highly transmissible Omicron variant, many more people are catching Covid across the country.

Although Spain has had one of Europe’s more impressive vaccine rollouts, with over 80 percent of Spaniards having had at least two vaccines and around 40 percent of children aged 5 to 11 their first dose, Omicron has left millions of Spaniards in self-isolation with positive tests. 

In terms of booster jabs, around 35 percent of the eligible population has had a reinforcement dose in Spain and people aged 18 to 39 have just been approved for the booster dose by the Spanish Health Ministry, but this effort hasn’t stopped the double - or even triple vaccinated -  from catching the virus.


Why your Covid health pass has to be changed if you get Covid 

Very simply put, if you catch Covid-19 (whatever the strain), your vaccine passport is out of date.

Keep in mind that your Covid passport is not an app that will automatically update your details, but rather a static document that will only show your Covid vaccinations or tests at the exact moment you downloaded the document.

It is also worth noting that the EU recently decided that from February 2022, Covid certificates should only be valid for nine months, but crucially can be reactivated when the person has their booster or proves recovery. 

So like the vaccination certificate, the recovery certificate is also valid for 9 months. Spanish authorities have also decided that fully vaccinated people who get Covid have to wait five months for their booster dose. 

These two points are important, as even though you could technically keep using your old Covid health pass showing vaccination but not recovery, the fact that you have to wait five months to get your booster could mean that your certificate is outdated before you get the reinforcement jab, unless you get proof of recovery that is. 

On the other hand, if you have already had your booster shot, updated your Covid certificate to show the booster and then catch Covid-19, it would be easier to continue using this vaccination certificate reflecting the three jabs but not recovery, although it's always recommendable for your Covid health pass to be as updated as possible. 

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When you’ve had Covid you must request a new certificate manually.

Please note, you will not be able to update the one you already have, but will instead have to redo the entire process, including reporting your positive test result so that you can get the Certificado de recuperación (Recovery Certificate).


Example of a recovery certificate issued by the regional government of Navarre

Example of a recovery certificate issued by the regional government of Navarre, as well as an explanation on the right of what the certificate should include. 


How to download the Covid-19 recovery certificate

When downloading your new certificate, the process is exactly the same as when you downloaded your initial Covid health pass, the difference being that it shows you've recovered from Covid-19. 

There are two ways to download the certificate: through Spain’s Ministry of Health or through the government of your region in Spain.

In most cases, you will be given three options to choose from:

  • A vaccination certificate showing the number of doses received
  • A testing certificate showing you’ve tested negative for Covid-19 via a PCR within the last 72 hours or via an antigen test in the last 48 hours.
  • A recovery certificate for those who can prove via a Covid test taken in the past 180 days that they’ve recovered from Covid.

To download your recovery certificate, you must have confirmed your illness through a positive PCR test and will be able to request the certificate from the 11th day of recovery up to 180 days after the illness has passed.

PCR tests are available in public hospitals, private clinics, laboratories and in some regions' pharmacies. PCR prices in the private sector vary depending on where you are in Spain but are usually between €100 and €200.

Actually downloading your recovery certificate is the same process as with the vaccination certificate, and you must request the standard Covid Digital Certificate. The only difference with the recovery certificate is that, at the beginning of the process, you must indicate that you have had Covid so that the system can direct you to the recovery specific certificate. Like with the vaccine pass, you still have two ways to download the certificate: the centralised system by Spain's Ministry of Health, and the one from your regional government. 

To download with the Ministry of Health system, simply request the Covid Digital Certificate by going onto the 'EU Digital COVID Certificate Application' website, and access it through your digital certificate, the permanent Cl@ave or the Autofirma programme. Once in the system, you will have the option to choose the recovery certificate.

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If you haven’t heard of any of these digital ways of proving your identity in Spain, it may be easier for you to get your Covid certificate through the system in place in your region. 

covid certificate valencia region spain

All of Spain’s regions offer an updated Covid health pass for their residents to download from their websites or apps. Screenshot: Valencian Regional Government website


To download through your regional health system, see the steps below:


You can log on to the regional health authority website ClicSalud+ and download it from there. You can also download it via the app Salud Andalucía for Android and iOS


You can download your certificate from the Salud Informa portal by logging on with your health card number and PIN, your Digital Certificate or Cl@ve. You can also download the app Salud Informa for Android and iOS.

If you can’t access it online, you can also ask for one in person at the reception desks of the health centres and hospitals. 


You can download the pass from the website Astur Salud with your CIPA health card number and your Spanish or foreigner ID number. 

Balearic Islands

Download your recovery pass via the Portal del Paciente. You will need your CIP health card number, date of birth and phone number. You can also download health app for Android or iOS.

If you are having problems accessing your certificate online, there are also several fixed points where you can ask for them face-to-face. These are installed in three hospitals in Mallorca, two in Menorca, one in Ibiza and one in Formentera. Contact the relevant health authorities to find out which these are. It is necessary to make an appointment before going.

Basque Country

Those in the Basque Country can download the certificates from their Osakidetza health folder. In order to access it, you will need your digital certificate or be registered in the BakQ electronic identification system. There is also a Carpeta de Salud app for Android and iOS

You are also able to request a certificate in person by making an appointment at one of the three Zuzenean offices.


Canary Islands

Access your certificate via the portal MiHistoria using your Digital Certificate or Cl@ve or download the miCertificado Covid mobile app for Android or iOS to get it. 


Download it from the CCDCan website with either your personal details or the Cl@ve. It’s also available via the SCSalud app for Android or iOS

Castilla y León

Go to the Carpeta del Paciente via the regional health authority website and download it using your Digital Certificate or Cl@ve or download your certificate via the mobile app for Android or iOS


Download it from the Meva Salut website using your Digital Certificate or password. You can also get it via the Meva Salut app for Android or iOS

If you need to, you can also ask for one at your local health centre, although authorities request that you only do this if absolutely necessary and you can’t get one online. 


Download it from the Salud Extremadura website using your Digital Certificate or Cl@ve. It’s also available from the CSOnline Extremadura app for Android or iOS


You can get your Covid pass from the Chave365 system using your NIE number, Cl@ve or Digital Certificate. Alternatively, download the for Android or iOS.

If you can’t access your certificate online, you can also do it in person at local pharmacies or ask your GP for one. 

La Rioja

Access the certificate via the website Rioja Salud using your Digital Certificate or Cl@ve. You can also access it via the mobile app for Android or iOS


You can get your certificate via the Mi Carpeta Salud website using your Cl@ve or Digital Certificate. You can also download the Tarjeta Sanitaria app in order to get it for Android and iOS


Use your Digital Certificate to download your Covid pass from the regional government website.

You can also request the certificates in person at health centres and clinics by requesting a prior appointment. They are also available at the Information and Specialised Processing Offices of the health areas in Cartagena and Lorca. 


Access the Carpeta Personal de Salud and download it using your Digital Certificate or Cl@ve. You can also download the mobile app of the same name for Android or iOS

You are also able to request your certificate in person at your local health centre. 


Valencia’s government has set up a special section of its website to download the certificates you require here. You will need your CIP health card number and date of birth, you will then be sent an SMS code to your phone in order to be verified. You can also get it via the GVA+ Salud app for Android or iOS


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There is a problem in València they don’t do pcr tests anymore only antigen because too many people catching it! But then you can’t get the certificado de recuperacion.

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