MAP: Which regions in Spain still require a Covid pass for daily affairs?

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Which regions in Spain require Covid pass? Photo: ANDER GILLENEA / AFP
The majority of Spain's regions require a Covid pass in order to access certain venues, and many have now extended the use of them, while others have introduced them for new activities. Find out which autonomous communities in Spain require the certificate, for which situations, and how long they will be required for.

The Covid health pass for daily affairs has definitely taken off in Spain, with all regions, except Madrid, Castilla y León, Castilla-La Mancha and Extremadura having introduced it in some form or another. 

Many Spanish regions attempted to impose the Covid health pass for public spaces during the summer of 2021 but, it had only been approved in limited situations.   

But with infections rising once more in Spain, most autonomous communities have implemented them to access certain venues and many have even extended the use of the Covid passes past the original date. Those regions where the Covid pass is about to expire will still have to ask for permission from the courts to extend them. 

Here is a map and information which details what the Covid health pass rules are in each of Spain’s 17 regions. 

Andalusia: The Andalusian government requires a Covid pass to enter the interiors of bars and restaurants, nightlife venues, hospitals, health centres and care homes for the elderly. It has been confirmed that this measure will be in place until at least January 15th 2022, but the government has requested the courts to extend it until January 31st. 

Aragon: The health pass is compulsory for nightclubs (with more than 50 people) and other venues after 9pm. It’s also required for big events in bars and restaurants, weddings, baptisms, first communions and events of over 500 people indoors and 1000 outdoors. The use of the passes will be effective until January 8th, after which the government of Aragon will have to ask for an extension from the courts. 

Asturias: The government of Asturias introduced the Covid pass from December 28th to access bars and restaurants, gyms, large events and care homes. 

Balearics: Currently Ibiza, Mallorca and Menorca are at level 3, meaning that the health pass is required for all bars, restaurants and cultural spaces. It can also be asked for at gyms, cinemas, theatres, sports centres, spas and concert venues. On December 2nd high court judges also approved its use to access indoor areas in bars and restaurants with more than 50 seats. This will be in place until January 24th.

Basque Country: The Covid pass is required for nightlife venues and restaurants that cater to more than 50 customers. On December 15th it was also extended to bars and restaurants, concert venues, gyms, sports centres, care homes, hospitals and prisons. It will stay in place for one month, after which the government will have to ask for an extension from the courts. 

Canary Islands: The Covid pass is mandatory for islands at levels 3 and 4 to access bars, restaurants and nightlife venues with more than 30 people. It is also required for cinemas and theatres with more than 50 people; cultural and sporting venues with more than 500 people, as well as gyms, hospitals and care homes.

It remains voluntary for islands at levels 1 and 2, meaning that individual establishments can choose whether to implement it or not. The measure will be in place until January 10th, after which the government of the Canary Islands must request permission again to extend it.

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Cantabria: The Superior Court of Justice has approved the use of Covid passes to access hospitality and nightlife venues, cultural and sporting venues, and mass events where food and drink are consumed.

Castilla-La Mancha: The regional government has not implemented the requirement of the Covid certificate for daily affairs for any establishment in the region.

Castilla y León: The Minister of Health of Castilla y León, Verónica Casado, said that the regional government is not ruling out the use of Covid passes, but it does not want to introduce them for bars and restaurants, instead maybe places such as hospitals and care homes. Currently, they are not mandatory in any establishment. 

Catalonia: The health pass is required to access bars and restaurants (except terraces), gyms, large events in enclosed spaces and nursing homes. Nightlife venues are currently closed, but when they reopen they will most likely be required to access those again too. The use of the passes has been extended until January 20th. 

Valencia region: The Valencian region approved the use of the Covid health pass from December 3rd. It’s required for people to gain access to the inside of bars, restaurants, nightclubs, celebrations, large events, hospitals and care homes. You can read about it in more detail here. The use of the passes will be in force until January 31st. 

Extremadura: No new measures have been announced for the time being.

Galicia: The health pass is required for nightclubs, pilgrimage hostels operating at 100 percent capacity, hospital visits, gyms and care homes. It is also requested inside restaurants, bars and cafes from 9pm. Passes will be required until at least January 18th. 

La Rioja: The Superior Court of Justice of La Rioja has authorised the introduction of the Covid pass until January 22nd to access nightlife venues, bars, restaurants, gyms, hotels and hospitals. It will also be required for outdoor events with more than a thousand people when food or drink is consumed.

Madrid: For the time being, the regional government has decided not to require the health pass. 

Murcia: The health pass is mandatory for nightlife venues but is voluntary for bars and restaurants if they want to exceed 75 percent capacity. This will be in place until January 14th. 

Navarre: The health pass is required to access restaurants with more than 60 diners and nightlife venues. Since December 28th, its use has been expanded to care homes,  hotels and gyms.

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