Spanish town tells tourists to leave if they can’t “handle the risks” of rural life

Spanish town tells tourists to leave if they can't
Tourists in the northern Spanish town of Ribadesella complained about braying donkeys, roosters waking them up at 5am and cow mess being left on the streetsPhoto by MIGUEL RIOPA / AFP
A poster campaign in the town of Ribadesella warns tourists of ringing church bells, crowing roosters and tractors, and says they "may not be in the right place" if they can't put up with them.

After receiving several complaints from tourists, officials in the northern Spanish village of Ribadesella decided to take action. The city council launched a poster campaign warning urbanites of the “risks” of rural life.

“Here we have church bells that ring regularly, roosters that crow early and herds that live nearby and even wear cowbells that also make noise. If you can’t put up with this, you may not be in the right place,” read the posters around the village.

spanish village tells tourists to leave if they can't handle the risks

Ribadesella, a town with a population of 5,700 in Asturias, had received complaints from tourists about braying donkeys, crowing roosters cow mess being left on the streets.

“Last week a woman called three or four times about a rooster waking her up at 5am, and said we had to do something about it,” the mayor of Ribadesella, Ramón Canal, told Spanish broadcaster Antena 3

He said the poster campaign aimed to educate visitors about the reality of life in rural towns. “They need to realise that milk doesn’t come from cartons, they come from cows. And they need to be fed and maintained,” he added.

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The posters, however, also welcome visitors who can embrace Ribadesella’s charm. A paragraph at the bottom of the poster adds: “If on the other hand you are one of the privileged few who can handle this, you will enjoy this marvellous environment and the excellent products made by our fantastic farmers and artisans, who will be delighted to offer the best selection of products from our land. Enjoy Ribadesella!

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