Fully vaccinated people in Spain who are exposed to Covid cases no longer have to quarantine

Fully vaccinated people in Spain who are exposed to Covid cases no longer have to quarantine
Photo: Pau BARRENA / AFP
Spain’s Health Ministry has revised its Covid-19 prevention strategy to allow those who have been fully vaccinated to not have to quarantine for ten days if they come into contact with a positive case. 

“People who are fully vaccinated and considered a close contact of a positive Covid-19 case will generally speaking be exempt from quarantine,” Spain’s Health Ministry and the country’s Public Health Commission confirmed on Tuesday. 

A “close contact” refers to a person who has been fewer than 2 metres from someone who tested positive for Covid-19, for longer than 15 minutes in a day.

Even though they will not have to quarantine for ten days as was the case previously, they will have to take two PCR tests, the first as soon as they’ve found out about the positive case and another seven days after the exposure.

Spanish health authorities also recommend that they still “avoid contact with vulnerable people and people who haven’t been vaccinated” for that period. 

As things stand, fully vaccinated people have a very low chance of suffering health complications if they contract Covid-19 again, but they can still be carriers of the virus and infect others. 

Spain’s Health Ministry has also insisted that immunised people who have been exposed should continue wearing a facemask during “social interactions”, even though the country is set to lift the outdoor face mask rule on Saturday June 26th. 

They are also asked to avoid going to crowded events or places and to closely monitor possible symptoms. 

One of the other standout changes to Spain’s Covid prevention strategy is that health authorities no longer generally recommend large Covid-19 testing campaigns as a way of assessing the transmission rate in specific towns, villages or neighbourhoods.

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