Going out in Spain: What are the new rules for bars and nightclubs?

Going out in Spain: What are the new rules for bars and nightclubs?
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Spain’s 17 regions have started to allow nightclubs to reopen for the first time in 15 months and eased closing times and restrictions for bars and restaurants. Find out what the rules are for going out in your part of Spain. 

UPDATE JULY 8TH 2021: Spain is in the early stages of its fifth wave of Covid-19 infections, with cases rising dramatically across the country. As a result, several regions have introduced new restrictions which means that the rules on bars and nightclubs listed in this article may no longer be relevant. For the latest information on restrictions in each region in Spain, click here

As part of the Spanish government’s ‘new normality’ plans, general coronavirus restrictions have been eased and one of the sectors that has remained completely closed since the start of the pandemic – the country’s nightlife industry – has finally been allowed to reopen. 

Spain’s national Health Ministry recently announced this and set the closing time for these nightlife establishments at 3am, but as so often happens it’s the autonomous communities that have the final say on this, meaning each territory has its own rules. 

It’s also worth noting that Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez announced last Friday that from June 26th wearing a mask in outdoor spaces won’t be obligatory anymore, although it remains to be seen how the regions will interpret this yet to be approved measure when it comes to outdoor terraces. 

Either way, nightclubs across the country either started opening over the past weekend or will do so in most places next weekend June 25th to June 27th. 

Here are the nightlife rules for each of Spain’s 17 regions so far: 


Restaurants and bars can stay open until midnight in Andalusia.

Pubs and nightclubs in areas on level 1 can stay open until 2am and dancing will be allowed, but with face masks on. 

Limits on capacity are decided based on the level of the area (comarca). On level 1, the planned limit is ten people per group outdoors and eight indoors, on level 2 it’s likely to be eight outdoors and six inside and on level 3 six people outdoors and four indoors. 

Ice cream shops can stay open until 1am, but have to stop serving alcohol at midnight. 


The northeastern region is keeping the midnight closing time for cafés, bars and restaurants. 

Nightclubs to stay open until 3am.

Drinking at the bar and dancing are not allowed.

There’s a limit of ten people for groups outdoors on terraces and six inside. 


Health authorities in the northern region have allowed nightlife establishments to stay open until 3am. Bars and restaurants can remain open until 1am. 

Drinking at the bar and dancing are not allowed, with customers having to remain seated and sticking to the safety distance.

Ten people can meet outdoors and events of up to 5,000 people can be held outdoors, and up to 2,500 indoors.

Balearic Islands 

It’s yet to be officially approved but bars, cafés and restaurants in the Mediterranean archipelago are set to be allowed to open until 2am. 

It is yet to be confirmed until what time nightclubs will be allowed to open on Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera but dancing is unlikely to be permitted either indoors or outdoors in a part of Spain famed for its clubbing scene. 

The number of people allowed to sit together in terraces will be increased from 10 to 12 people, but indoors the 50 percent capacity with a maximum of 6 people per table will be kept. 

People drinking at the bar will have to remain seated.

Basque Country

The Basque government has approved the opening of nightlife establishments until 2am rather than until midnight as it was up to now. 

The limit indoors will be 50 percent, with 6 people maximum per table. 

Canary Islands

The Canary government will allow all eating and nightlife establishments to open until 2am on the islands which are on level 1, currently all except Tenerife and Lanzarote.

Ten people will be allowed to meet in terraces but only four indoors. 

All eating and drinking will have to be done while seated and a safety distance of two metres has to be kept between tables. 


All bars, restaurants, cafés and nightclubs can remain open until their usual pre-pandemic times, the only region in Spain where this has been allowed. 

However, dancing will not be allowed and all food and drink must be consumed while seated. 

Ten people can meet outdoors and six indoors. 

Castilla-La Mancha 

Nightlife establishments can stay open until 3am.

Outdoor dance floors are open, although they must be set up for this purpose.

There is no limit on outdoor capacity but indoors it’s set at 75 percent capacity and drinking at the bar is not allowed. 

Castilla y León 

Bars and nightclubs don’t have to abide by a regional closing time but will have to shut at the time set by their municipality. 

Pubs, karaokes and other bars will have a capacity limit of 75 percent indoors.

Outdoors there’s a limit of ten people per table. 


Nightlife establishments open again on Monday June 21st and must close at 3.30 am. 

The indoor capacity limit is set at 50 percent whereas outdoors the same capacity as before the pandemic is now allowed. 

Six people can meet indoors and ten outdoors.


The western region next to Portugal will allow bars, restaurants and nightclubs to open until 3am, if they have a licence to do so. The rest can now open until 2am. 

The indoor limit is 50 percent and six people per table, whereas outdoors there is no table limit but the limit is ten people.

All drinking must be done while seated and customers can’t sit at the bar. 


The northwestern region has chosen to keep its nightclubs closed until July 1st. 

Bars and restaurants can stay open until 1am but these establishments must have CO2 measurers. 

The limit indoors is six but 15 outdoors. 

There is no curfew and no limits to the number of people who can meet in the street, but the recommendation is that between 1am and 6am only people living in the same household gather. 

La Rioja

Municipalities on level 2, the majority currently, allow bars and nightclubs to open until 2am. 

There is no outdoor limit and indoors it’s set at 75 percent. 

There is also no limit on the number of people who can meet per table but the recommendation is six. 

Dance floors remain closed. 


Madrid bars and nightclubs can stay open until 3am. 

No new customers can be allowed in after 2am and drinking at the bar isn’t allowed. 

The capacity limit is set at 50 percent indoors and 75 percent in outdoor terraces. 

Outdoor dance floors will be open to revellers. 



Bars, restaurants, pubs, cafés and nightclubs can all stay open until 2am. 

There is no outdoor capacity limit but the limit indoors is set at 50 percent, or 30 percent in areas with a high risk of infection. 

No dancing is allowed in the region’s nightlife establishments yet. 


Navarran authorities have chosen to keep their nightclubs closed until July. 

Bars and restaurants also have to keep closing at 11pm with 100 percent table capacity outdoors and 30 percent indoors. 

Valencia region 

Pubs and nightclubs in Alicante, Valencia and Castellón provinces can stay open until 2am. 

Groups of up to six people are allowed indoors (50 percent capacity) and ten people outdoors (100 percent capacity). 

Dancing and karaoke are not allowed but DJ sets and professional musical performances are.

Bars and restaurants can stay open until 1am and food delivery ends at 12.30am.

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