How to get a vaccine certificate in Spain’s Andalusia, Valencia and Madrid regions

How to get a vaccine certificate in Spain's Andalusia, Valencia and Madrid regions
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If you’ve had your Covid-19 vaccine/s you may want to have proof that you are now immunised. These three Spanish regions have systems in place that allow you to get an official vaccine certificate showing you’ve been immunised. 

Spain’s 17 regions and two autonomous cities are managing their own vaccine campaigns just as they have been behind imposing their own Covid measures for the most part of the pandemic. 

That means that there are different systems in place in terms of how their residents are getting notified to get the Covid-19 vaccine and how this approved vaccine information is later provided to them either on paper or digital format.  

It’s worth pointing out now that the vaccine certificates that some regions are making available to those who’ve been vaccinated does not refer to the vaccine passport system that Spanish tourism authorities want to introduce in June to promote travel, which is part of a broader EU digital vaccination certificate scheme.

These vaccine certificates by regional health authorities currently serve an informational purpose rather than granting access to certain places or providing some other major advantage.

Not all of Spain’s 17 regions have set up platforms to allow an easy download of this document, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t request or will be given some form of proof of vaccination when you go to the health centre. 

This is how to get a vaccine certificate or similar in three of Spain’s regions which have a system in place. 

How to get a vaccine certificate in Andalusia

1.Ask your GP: You can ask your médico de cabecera (GP) for a paper certificate which states that you’ve received both Covid-19 vaccines, or just the one if it’s Johnson & Johnson. 

2.Request one through ClicSalud +: The Andalusian Health Ministry’s website is another option for requesting written proof that you’ve been vaccinated. You can access it here.

Click on salud (health), then vacunas (vaccines) and you will get the option of accessing this information by using your digital certificate, DNie (Digital ID) or the [email protected] system.

3.Request a vaccine certificate through the Andalusian health app: Download the Salud Andalucía app from the app store. Once you’re in, you’ll get the option Obtenga su certificado de vacunación Covid-19 (Get your Covid-19 vaccine certificate). 

You will need your digital certificate, DNie or the [email protected] system to access your details and certificate. 

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How to get a vaccine certificate in the Valencia region

If you’ve been vaccinated against Covid-19 in the Comunitat Valenciana you can visit the government website here, where you will be able to download the justificante vacunal (vaccine certificate).

You will be asked to include your SIP number, the date in which the SIP card was issued and your date of birth. 

You will then receive a security code that you will have to type into the website and click validar (validate). 

According to Valencian health authorities, the certificate contains information relating to the vaccine received and is so far purely for informational purposes.

A man gets vaccinated in the Basque city of San Sebastián. Photo: ANDER GILLENEA/AFP

How to get a vaccine certificate in Madrid 

Madrid has had the tarjeta sanitaria virtual (virtual health card) for some months now.

It’s available for download on Android and iOS mobile devices and is activated through a QR code that is obtained in health centres in the region or by calling a free number 900 102 112.

After validating the identity of the patient, they will provide an activation code via SMS, to the mobile phone that the citizen has registered as a contact.

This card, available for people over 16 years of age, includes more information than Madrid’s traditional plastic health card, such as information regarding a Madrid resident’s vaccination status.

This real time breakdown states when the vaccination took place, which vaccine it was, how many doses and so on. 

The system generates a QR code that allows third parties to verify, when necessary and through a Ministry of Health validation website.


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