RANKED: The 12 most beautiful streets to stroll down in Spain

Life in Spain is truly enjoyed in its lively and colourful streets. Here are the 12 most beautiful Spanish ‘calles’ according to the country’s tourism board.

RANKED: The 12 most beautiful streets to stroll down in Spain
A beautiful watercolour painting of Carrera Del Darro in the Andalusian city of Granada. Photo: Graham Beards/Flickr

Often noisy, steeped in history and brimming with life – it’s hard to describe what an assault on the senses street life can be for foreigners in Spain. 

For the most part, the art of callejear – wandering through the streets with no ultimate purpose but to just enjoy- is one that extranjeros (foreigners) are drawn to just as much as locals. 

Choosing the most beautiful streets in Spain is no easy task as there are probably hundreds that could make the cut. 

Luckily, Spain’s tourism board Turespaña has compiled a list which according to their team of experts are the prettiest streets in the country, from vast tree-lined ramblas to narrow alleyways carved out of the natural surroundings. 

So when travel around Spain is easier again, make sure to add some of these beautiful Spanish streets to your bucket list.

Calle de la Compañía, Salamanca

Photo: Carlos Reusser/Flickr

Calleja de Las Flores, Córdoba

Photo: Ajay Suresh/Wikipedia

Carrera del Darro, Granada

Photo: ajay_suresh/Flickr

Gran Vía, Madrid

Photo: Julius Silver/Pixabay

Calle Balborraz, Zamora

Photo: santiago lopez-pastor/Flickr

Calle Betis, Seville

Photo: afloresm/Flickr

Rúa do Franco, Santiago de Compostela

Photo: Bene Riobó/Wikipedia

Passeig del Born, Palma de Mallorca

Photo: Николай Максимович/Flickr

Calle San Agustín, San Cristóbal de La Laguna, Tenerife

Photo: Javier Losa/Wikipedia

Passeig de Gràcia, Barcelona

Photo: OK Apartment/Flickr

Calle de Marqués de Larios, Málaga

Photo: Robert Pittman/Flickr

Calle del Ángel, Toledo

Photo: Ángel Sotomayor/Flickr

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