Spain to start rolling out rapid Covid-19 antibody tests in pharmacies

Spain to start rolling out rapid Covid-19 antibody tests in pharmacies
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Rapid Covid-19 antibody tests have now started to arrive in pharmacies in Spain.

The tests check and see if a person has antibodies against the virus and are considered to be 90 percent effective, reports La Sexta.

They can determine if someone has had the virus without knowing or without having had a positive PCR test.

The test is simple and only requires a finger prick and drop of blood to work. Results of the test can be shown in just 10 minutes.

The tests have been validated by the EU and also have the approval of the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS).  

500,000 of these rapid tests will be distributed to 22,000 pharmacies across Spain, after the Puente de Constitución ends on Tuesday December 8th.

The effectiveness of the test is high and should be carried out under medical supervision to control traceability of those who test positive. The estimated cost of each test will be €25.

While pharmacies will now be able to carry out these rapid tests to check for antibodies, they are still requesting permission to carry out rapid antigen tests as well.

Rapid antigen tests show whether a person suffering from Covid-19 symptoms has the virus or not, not just if they have the antibodies and have recovered. The result of these can be obtained in just 15 minutes.

These however are not as reliable as the PCR tests, which are also good for catching asymptotic people.

Communities across Spain, such as those in Madrid have asked the Government for permission to carry out the rapid antigen tests too, in order to allow for better control of the virus.

The Minister for Health in Madrid Enrique Ruiz-Escuerdo said that there needs to be a detailed strategy for carrying antigen tests in pharmacies before they are approved.



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