LATEST: These are the restrictions in each region of Spain

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LATEST: These are the restrictions in each region of Spain
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Different measures have been put in place in each region across Spain to control the spread of the coronavirus. Here's what you need to know about the latest restrictions in each region.


Under Spain’s state of alarm which was declared on October 25th, regional authorities have the power to impose their own set of restrictions within their territory to tackle the spread of coronavirus.

This means that the rules and regulations differ across Spain with some regions closing their borders and others restricting movement between towns and cities.

Here’s the current situation in each region (As of Friday November 13th):


Authorities in the Community of Madrid have refused to impose a perimetral confinement restricting people going in and out of the region as a whole except over the two November puentes (long weekends) to stop the usual exodus of people leaving for the public holidays.

But they have imposed localized perimeter confinements in certain healthcare zones within the region. 

UPDATED MAP: Which zones in Madrid have restrictions and what are they?

In addition meetings are limited to six people maximum and a curfew runs between midnight and 6am.


New restrictions across the whole of Andalusia came into effect at midnight on November 10, and will stay in place until November 23rd.

These new measures include the closure of all non-essential activities, including non-essential shops, as well as bars and restaurants after 6pm.

Curfew hours have increased from 10pm-7am and perimeter confinements are in place around each municipality meaning you cannot cross municipal limits except for reasons that include work, study, to seek medical treatment or for an official appointment such as an administrative or legal matter.

Andalusia as a whole has also closed its borders to travellers from the rest of Spain. 

The province of Granada has the same restrictions as the rest of Andalusia, but it has also announced that all non-essential shops, bars and restaurants are to close completely from November 10th.



The region of Murcia closed all its bars and restaurants from November 7th. This new rule is expected to stay in place until at least November 23rd.

Kids play parks are also forced to close by 7pm,

There are also perimeter confinements around all of its 45 municipalities as well as around the region as a whole.

A curfew is in place between 11pm and 6am.


The entire region has had a perimeter confinement in place since Tuesday October 27th which will last until at least November 30th.

The provincial capitals of Huesca, Zaragoza and Teruel also have perimeter limits in place until at least November 22 meaning no-one can go in or out of the cities unless they have just cause.. A perimetral confinement is also in place around the provinces of Huesca, Zaragoza and Teruel limiting people to within their provinces.  

From November 5, it was announced that across the region the capacity of bars and restaurants had to be reduced to 25 percent and that all hospitality establishments must close by 8pm.

There is also a curfew from 11pm to 6am, which will be in place until November 30. 

Groups are limited to a maximum of six people.


The entire region has a perimeter confinement in place as well as the cities of Oviedo, Gijón and Avilés.

On Monday November 2nd, the region asked permission from the central government to impose a total lockdown on its residents - that is to confine them at home and only allowing them to leave the house for exceptional reasons.

This week regional authorities then took the decision to close restaurants and shops and all "non-essential businesses" and brought the curfew forward to between 10pm to 6am.

But Spain's Health Ministry denied the request, insisting instead that they see the results of perimeter confinements and curfew before taking further measures. However, the regional president is still fighting for home confinement of all residents except for essential reasons and exercising only according to a set timetable and is set to announce new measures by the end of the week.

Balearic Islands

The only perimeter lockdown currently in place on any of the Balearic Islands is the municipality of Manacor on Mallorca which has seen its confinement extended to at least November 26 and the curfew imposed for Manacor residents from 10pm to 6am.

Everywhere else across the islands, the curfew runs from midnight to 6am, except Ibiza where it starts at 10pm and there are capacity reductions in restaurants and on terraces while meetings are restricted to ten people maximum except in Mallorca and Ibiza where meetings are capped at six people. 

Ibiza has also banned service inside bars and restaurants.




The regional government has imposed a perimeter confinement that began on October 30th and was extended to continue until at least November 22nd.

 A curfew is in place from 10pm to 6am and all restaurants and bars throughout the region have been closed except for take away services, measures that have also been extended until November 22nd at least.

In a measure designed to limit movement over weekends people are not allowed to travel beyond the limits of the town or city they reside in between Friday 6am and Monday 6am.

All restaurants and bars were closed across the region in October, a measure that has been extended until at least November 23rd.


The region imposed a perimeter lockdown from midday Friday October 30th to last seven days but no restrictions on movement between municipalities within the region. 

Then the regional government extended the measure for another week (until November 14th) and is expected to extend it again for another seven days (until November 20th)

The curfew which they said would be in place until at least December 9th starts at midnight and runs to 6am.

Perimeter confinements have also been placed on 2 municipalities within the región, Elda and Petrer, to be in place until at least November 20th.

Basque Country

New restrictions were published by regional authorities in the Basque Country on Saturday November 7 to last until at least the end of the month. All bars and restaurants across the Basque Country were forced to close unless the served takeaway which had to stop by 9pm.

Commercial establishments must close by 9pm and there is a region-wide curfew between 10pm and 6am. 

Since October 27there has been a perimetral confinement in place meaning no-one can cross its borders without justified reason and movement between all municipalities within the territory is not permitted.

This doesn’t apply to those people who are transiting across the Basque Country, for example have crossed from France or arrived by ferry to return to their place of residence  


The region has imposed a perimeter confinement around the region and a curfew is in place from midnight to 6am.

On Wednesday November 4th it went a step further decreeing a perimeter confinement of each municipality and the closure of all indoor bars and restaurants.

Only those that can serve outside on a terrace or provide takeaway food are allowed to stay open. This will be in place until at least November 18.

Castilla-La Mancha

The region imposed a perimeter confinement from Friday October 30th until November 18th with a curfew in place from midnight to 6am. Bars and restaurants can only serve people at outdoor tables which must cater for no more than 50 percent of usual occupancy.

Castilla y León


The region imposed a perimeter confinement from Friday October 30th and extended it to run until at least November 23rd with a curfew in place from 10pm until 6am.

On November 3rd the regional authorities ordered a shutdown of all bars and restaurants throughout the region except those serving take away food. And closed shopping malls and retail parks.


There are currently no plans for a perimeter confinement of the region but there are municipal confinements aound 15 municpalities within Cacares and Badajoz provinces.


As of Saturday November 7, bars and restaurants in 60 municipalities were ordered to close and the capacity of shops has been reduced to 50 percent Some 60 percent of the population also has restrictions on their movement and can only socialise with people whom they live with. 

For a list of municipalities with extra controls, explore the map produced by Voz de Galicia.


The region was the first to declare a perimeter confinement of its borders and has now extended that measure until at least November 18th. 

Bars and restaurants are closed except those serving takeaway and curfew runs between 11pm and 6am. 

Social groups are limited to six in public spaces and only those who live within the same household in private spaces.

 La Rioja

The entire region has a perimeter confinement in place until November 29th and the cities of Arnedo and Logroño have perimeter confinement in place. All restaurants and bars within those two municipalities  have been ordered to close.

All businesses, including bars and restaurants across the rest of the region must be closed by 9pm, apart from pharmacies, supermarkets and those establishments offering home delivery.

A curfew is in place from 10pm until 6am.

Ceuta and Melilla

Both of Spain’s enclaves on the North African coast have restrictions in place.

Both Ceuta and Melilla don’t allow anyone in or out of the territories unless they have justified cause and have a curfew in place between 10pm and 6am for Melilla and until 7am for Ceuta. Bars and restaurants must close by 9pm unless they are serving takeaway.

Canary Islands

The Canary Islands is the only region which is exempt from the nationwide curfew and where no confinements are in place.



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Anonymous 2020/11/13 12:49
Hi, thanks for the update which is very useful. Can you please also provide a summary about transiting through regions? I want to get to my Andalusian residence (and then stay there until some time next year) as I need to fulfill some contractual obligations, but this will mean transiting other regions and also negotiating the municipal limits within Andalusia.

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