Updated rules for Phase 2

Updated rules for Phase 2
Most of Spain is now in Phase 2 but Madrid, Barcelona, Lleida and much of Castilla-y-Leon remain in Phase 1. Photo: Moncloa.
More than 70 percent of the Spanish population are now living in Phase 2 zones. So here are the rules for what you can and can't do.

Most of Spain, apart from Madrid, Barcelona, Lleida and much of Castilla y Leon have now advanced to Phase 2 – those provinces and health zones depicted in light green in the map below, while those in the bluer shade will remain in Phase 1:

Here is a breakdown of the rules for Phase 2:

Meeting friends:

You will now be able to meet in slighter larger gatherings of friends or family outside of those you live with. The limit on private gatherings in Phase 2 is now 15 people.

You can do this in private homes or public spaces including restaurant/bar terraces.

However, open-air tourist activities such as going for a hike in a local beauty spot can be with a group of up to 20 people anywhere within the same province.


Last week the Official State Gazette (BOE) published an update explaining that children in zones that have advanced to Phase 2, can go outside as often as they like, without time limits and beyond 1km radius as long as they remain within the same province.

Likewise adults over 14 are not bound by the timetable that was earlier in place and are now allowed out to exercise anytime between 6am and 11pm although the over 70s are given the streets between 10am and 12pm and 7pm and 8pm.

According to the new notice, adults (within Phase 2 zones) are also not restricted to exercising within the limits of their own municipality but can travel anywhere within their own province.

Regional governments also have the authority to shift the time periods by 2 hours to avoid forcing people out in the heat of the day, so check local council and regional government notices.

Those who live in municipalities with fewer than 10,000 inhabitants are also not bound by the same tight restrictions.


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Meanwhile business meetings and conferences can now be attended by up to 50 people as long as social distancing is observed.


Until now, only commercial premises of up to 400 metres have been allowed to open but during Phase 2, shopping malls and large premises will be able to welcome customers – so long of course as people keep two metres apart.

The conditions have been set that premises must limit the capacity to 30 percent in common areas of shopping malls and 40 percent to within the stores themselves.

Sales are allowed to take place as long as crowding can be avoided.


Hotels, hostels etc were allowed to open to overnight guests during Phase 1 but keep communal areas – such as restaurants closed. Those communal areas can now open as long as just a third of usual occupancy is permitted.

Restaurants and bars

Terraces or outside table service were already allowed to operated at 50 percent of occupancy and that will continue. Under Phase 2 restaurant use has been extended to include the interior of restaurants as long as occupancy is capped at 40 percent and people are grouped around tables 2 metres apart from other customers.

Bars and nightclubs are still not allowed open their interiors but bars can offer table service on terraces with an advance reservation.

Sports centres and swimming pools

Open Air installations such as tennis courts can be used with an advance booking and maintaining social distancing. And public swimming pools can  now be opened but only at 30 percent of usual occupancy with advance booking and keeping 2metres apart. Showers and changing rooms will not be open.  

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Cinemas and theatres, concerts

These are allowed to reopen as long as seats are booked in advance and capacity is reduced to a third when inside and if in the open air, audiences are also reduced to a third and limited to 400 people maximum.  Seats must be far part enough to allow a 2 metre social distancing between those outside your household.

Travel: As in Phase 1, residents are allowed to  move around their own province (or health territory unit if it applies) but not cross into another one. That means if you have a second home within your province you can go and visit but you’ll have to wait if your second residence is in a different province.

Places of worship

Capacity at churches, mosques etc has grown from 30 percent during Phase 1 to  50 percent during Phase 2 in all places of worship as long as social distancing is maintained. Kissing and touching of icons is not allowed.

Visits to elderly care homes

After more than two months with no access to anyone, residential homes will now be open to visitors but only with a previous appointment and limited one visitor to each resident.

Funerals and wakes

These can take place either in public centres or private venues , with a limit of 25 people when in the open air, and 15 people in closed spaces.

Do I have to wear a mask?

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Masks have been complusory on public transport since May 4th and from Thursday May 21st it was made compulsory for all those over the age of six to wear masks in public places and places open to the public where it is impossible to maintain the 2 metre distancing rule.

However there are exceptons for those who have respiratory, health or behaviourial problems that make the wearing of a mask impossible or if you are eating or drinking.  

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Things you CANNOT do in Phase 2

You are still NOT allowed to travel outside your province.



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