Spain plans ‘thunderous farewell’ to nightly lockdown balcony applause

Spain plans ‘thunderous farewell’ to nightly lockdown balcony applause
Photo: AFP
For many across Spain it has been the highlight of the day during the weeks of lockdown, an opportunity to make human contact, connect with the neighbours and break the tedium of confinement.

It has come to symbolise the fight against the coronavirus, a reminder that we are all in it together and a chance to reflect on and recognise the huge sacrifices and great work not only of healthcare workers on the frontline of the coronavirus health crisis but all those people who put themselves at risk to keep the country going: the supermarket workers, the rubbish collectors, the emergency services.



This Malasaña street staged an impromptu balcony party. Photo: Deirdre Carney

But enthusiasm for the nightly 8pm event that has become more than just a round of applause and seen neighbours come together in song, dance and balcony socializing, has been dwindling since confinement was lifted to allow evening walks.

So a message is spreading on social media that rather than fade away quietly as provinces move from Phase 0 to Phase 1, the custom should come to an end with one big finale this Sunday, May 17th at 8pm.

“To give it a dignified ending and not to let the applause die little by little, this Sunday at 8:00 pm we are going to offer the best and longest tribute from the balconies, to all the healthcare people and all those sectors that have given their work and effort, to protect us and beat the pandemic.”


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