Essential Spain: Six articles you need to read about living in Spain

Essential Spain: Six articles you need to read about living in Spain
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Here we've gathered together some of the most popular and useful articles from recent weeks, which help explain important aspects of day-to-day life in Spain.


How not to buy a house in Spain: The five pitfalls to avoid

If you’ve read the news or even googled “buying in Spain” then you will be fully aware that buying in Spain requires special vigilance.

There are so many examples of people’s dreams turning in a nightmare after falling into the trap of unscrupulous property developers, real estate agents and lawyers.

Residency in Spain

Everything you need to know about Spain's NIE numbers

Anyone who has spent any time living in Spain will be aware how essential the NIE is to get anything done.

So who needs a NIE number?

The simple answer is everyone who isn't Spanish and wants to do business, live, work or invest in Spain.


EXPLAINED: How to deal with roundabouts in Spain

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There are 38,000 roundabouts in Spain, making it the third European nation with the highest density per capita of this type of intersection (behind neighbours France and Portugal).

That means that if you drive in España, you’re pretty much certain to have to navigate your way round more than the odd “rotonda”.

Find out if you know how to drive properly around roundabouts in Spain (you could be steering clear of a €200 fine).


The Local's A to Z guide of bureaucracy in Spain

Got your NIEs and NIFs all in a muddle? Not sure if you are paying IVA or IRPF?

Starting up in a new country is difficult, and Spain is no different.

In this article, The Local looks at some of the most common terms bureaucratic terms to give you a head start.

Getting by in Spain

The most essential smartphone apps for living in Spain

These days there are apps for everything: from language to transport, weather forecasts to food delivery and of course chatting and socializing.

But how about if you’re a foreigner in Spain whose looking for mobile applications that are specifically useful for your new home?

We’ve compiled a comprehensive list based on advice from our readers and our own research that could help you enjoy life in España that tiny bit more.

Social life

18 ways your eating and drinking habits change when you live in Spain

Food is at the very centre of Spanish culture and is taken pretty seriously. It is ever present when socializing, from small talk over an apertivo to great feasts on important family occasions.

Business deals are sealed over meals, family problems talked over and friendships are strengthened.

Here are just some of the ways your dining habits will be challenged in Spain.

Are there aspects of life in Spain you find complicated? Please email [email protected] and I'll look into them and hopefully help answer your queries.

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