Cocido: Instagram bans photo of Galician stew for breaching ‘graphic content’ guidelines

It may not be to everyone’s taste. And it is certainly likely to be offensive if served to a vegetarian but it came as a terrible shock to one proud Gallego to learn that his favourite regional dish “violated community guidelines” on Instagram.

Cocido: Instagram bans photo of Galician stew for breaching ‘graphic content’ guidelines
The offending stew. Photo: Richard Barreira Baños /instagram

Richard Barreira Baños from Vigo in the Spain's norhwestern region of Galicia, proudly posted images showing the first cocido of the season – a rich stew containing chickpeas, vegetables and various lumps of meat – that had been home cooked in his mother’s kitchen for Sunday lunch.

But his post was swiftly removed from the social media platform and he was informed that it had “breached community guidelines” concerning the publication of “graphic violence, language that incites harassment, violence and bullying or sexual activity”.

“It seems incredible to me that they should take offence at this,” Barreira told Spanish news agency Efe. 





Madre mía como está el patio, aunque parezca mentira, los censores de @instagram , me eliminaron la publicación de hoy por infringir sus normas comunitarias que incluyen (Adjunto pantallazo comunicado): -Violencia gráfica -Lenguaje que incita al acoso, violencia y bullying -Desnudos y actividad sexual… QUE SON FOTOS DE UN COCIDO!!! Entonces, o la unidad censora de @instagram está gobernada por un o una vegana que nada más ver las fotos del cocido de mi madre tuvo unas ganas enormes de masturbarse al ver tanta carne (Cosa prohibida para esos sectarios) o es un problema mental o simplemente es que son GILIPOLLAS y ya…falta circo para tanto payaso, esperemos que la @culturagalegaxunta @turismodegalicia @galicia_mola @galiciacalidade tomen medidas contra este atropello a nuestra cultura gastronómica! #censura #instagramcensura #instagramcensurafotosdecocido #cocidogallego #carnedeporco #terneragalega

A post shared by Richard Barreira Baños (@richardbarreira) on Oct 20, 2019 at 10:56am PDT

“What of all the restaurants and cooks who post their dishes? You can see millions of posts of food, of hamburgers,” he said.

 “Either the Instagram censors are run by a vegan or someone who after seeing all the photos of my mother stew had a strong desire to masturbate at the sight of so much meat or that they are just arseholes…” he wrote in  a subsequent post.

He called on the people of Galicia to take a stand over it.

Tagging Galician cultural authorities he urged them to “take action against this slur of our culinary culture”



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