MAP: The unsanitary Madrid restaurants and bars you shouldn’t eat at

MAP: The unsanitary Madrid restaurants and bars you shouldn't eat at
Photo: Adam Wyles/Flickr, Civios
One out of four every businesses selling food in the Spanish capital don’t meet health and safety standards, with even some school dining rooms not making the mark. Find out where they are.
Between 2018 and the first half of 2019, Madrid City Council inspected more than 9,000 food establishments in the capital.
Health and safety inspectors visited bars, supermarkets, restaurants, fruit shops, schools and even nursery schools throughout the city of 6.6 million inhabitants.
They docked off a point from each food establishment if they displayed signs of a lack of cleanliness or insect infestations, used water that wasn’t suitable for consumption or didn’t store food properly, among other health hazards.
The more strikes, the lower the mark they were given by Madrid City Council, with authorities opening up disciplinary proceedings for the places that pose the most serious threat to public health.
All in all, one in four food establishments in Madrid don’t meet the standards, 1,355 fines have been handed out so far and 182 businesses have had their licenses revoked.
Thanks to Spain’s Civio Foundation, a non-profit organization which monitors public authorities to achieve more transparency, all this information is available in this very helpful interactive map.
So if you live in Madrid or are visiting Spain’s capital, zoom in and find the places you eat at or buy food from to find out if they meet the standards.

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