Spanish Word of the Day: Saludable

Today's Spanish Word of the Day is a very useful adjective for talking about something that's beneficial.

Spanish Word of the Day: Saludable
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Saludable is a lively word that means healthy! You can use the word to describe people, objects, food, habits…almost everything! So let's check out some example sentences:

–        El estilo de vida más saludable consiste en una dieta equilibrada y ejercicio.

The healthiest lifestyle is based on a balanced diet and exercise.

–        Sigue enfermo pero tiene un aspecto saludable.

He is still ill but he looks healthy.

It can also mean good or beneficial in a figurative sense:

–        Es saludable discutir de vez en cuando en una relación.

Arguing in a relationship can be beneficial.

The noun salud means health and you can use it to toast in Spain as cheers!

Pronunciation: sah-loo-dah-bleh

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