Spanish word of the day: Desecho

Spanish word of the day: Desecho
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This word will be of good use to talk about any kind of waste.

 The verb desechar means to get rid of. As an adjective, somebody is desecho or desecha if they are exhausted.  Here are some examples:

  • Hay un contenedor específico para los desechos contaminantes.

          There is a specific container for contaminated waste.


  • No deseches tus apuntes de la universidad. ¡Te pueden servir en el futuro!

        Do not get rid of your university papers.  They may be useful in the future!


  • Me sentía como un deshecho tras la jornada laboral nocturna.

          I felt exhausted after working nights.


In a figurative way desecho humano means to be a waste of space:

  • Nadie quiere sentirse como un desecho humano.

         No one wants to feel like a waste of space




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