Six ways to use the Spanish verb ‘tirar’

Six ways to use the Spanish verb 'tirar'
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Today's word of the day is tirar and, as usual, we aren't going to go into its basic meaning which is to throw.

 Get ready to delve into all the ways you can use this verb in Spanish and really improve your level. 

Tirar de la cadena means to flush the toilet:


  • No puedes tirar de la cadena, está rota. Usa mejor el otro baño

               You can't flush the toilet, it's broken. Go to the other restroom instead.


Tirar por la borda means to waste or miss:


  • Vas a reconsiderar esta propuesta, o vas a tirarla por la borda?

               Will you reconsider this proposal, or will you miss out?


Tirar una moneda means to flip a coin:


  • Si no te decides por ninguna de las dos opciones puedes tirar una moneda.

               If you can't decide on either of the two options you can flip a coin.


Tirar de la lengua means to make someone talk:


  • No me tires de la lengua, no te voy a contar nada de lo que pasó en la fiesta.

               Do not make me talk. I'm not telling you anything about what happened at the party.


Tirar indirect as means to to drop a hint:


  • ¿Puedes dejar de tirarme indirectas y hablar claro?

              Can you stop dropping hints and tell me directly?


Tirar la casa por la ventana means to spare no expense:


  • Tiraron la casa por la ventana a la hora de celebrar su boda.

               They spared no expense when they celebrated their wedding.





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