Spanish Word of the Day: Aturdido

Spanish Word of the Day: Aturdido
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Today's Spanish Word of Day is a useful adjective to describe difficult situations.

Our Word of the Day today is an adjective that means dazed. It has two significant meanings so let's see some examples to figure this out and not be aturdidos with the word.

It can refer to being in a state of shock:

–        Cuando lo encontramos después del accidente, estaba aturdido y sangrando.

When we found him after the accident, he was dazed and bleeding.

And you can also use it as confused:

–        Tanto cambio de ciudad me tiene aturdido.
I feel bewildered by so many changes of city.

If you use the reflexive form, aturdirse means to be stunned:

–        Él se aturdió cuando escuchó la noticia.
He was stunned when he heard the news.

Pronunciation: ah-toor-dee-doh                 

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