The stats that reveals the true holidaying habits of the Spanish

The stats that reveals the true holidaying habits of the Spanish
Going to the beach remains the favourite holiday pastime. Photo: AFP
Spain has some 80 million foreign tourists visiting its shores every year, but where do Spanish people go on holiday? How much do they spend? And what do they like doing?

The Local takes a look at the latest data to discover the truth.

The huge majority of Spaniards, 72 percent will spend their holidays within Spain and of those, 71 percent opt to spend their holiday at the beach, with Andalusia the most popular, attracting 27 percent of visitors, followed by the Valencian coast (12 percent), Galicia and the Canary Islands attracting nine percent each.


If it seems like the city is deserted and most people are on holiday during August, that’s because they are.

The survey by Toluna found that 58 percent of people chose August to take their holiday, while 20 percent opted for July and 17 percent in September.

Just 29 percent of Spaniards said they’d prefer to head to the mountains for their holiday.

A survey by Toluna discovered that just over a third of Spaniards (36 percent) take a two week holiday for which they spend an average of €1,291 per person.

However, just over a quarter of Spaniards (26percent) manage a four week holiday, on which they spend an average of €491 a week.

So what do Spaniards do on holiday?

Well, a quarter of them expressed the desire to do as little possible, stating “relaxation” to be their main aim.

Almost half (48 percent) express a desire to spend time with the family, while 37 percent want to hang out with their significant other.

A hardcore 3 percent said their main goal for the holiday was “to party”.

When choosing a place to stay, an overwhelming 70 percent said internet access was essential with 41 percent admitting that they would check in regularly on social media.

Just 11 percent said they planned to disconnect completely.

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