Weekend strike at Barcelona’s El Prat airport could affect 1,000 flights

Weekend strike at Barcelona’s El Prat airport could affect 1,000 flights
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Those flying in or out of Barcelona’s El Prat airport over the weekend should prepare themselves for delays and cancellations as Iberia ground staff down tools over working conditions.

The two day strike action is planned for Saturday 27th July and Sunday 28th July and will affect more than just Iberia flights as ground staff at BCN service 27 airlines companies that fly through the airport.

Spain’s Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure has established minimum services for the strike ensuring that all domestic flights between the mainland and islands will be running.

But it only demands that 54 percent of international flights and 32 percent of flights between domestic destinations less than five hours away by road will be running.

Authorities estimate that around 1000 flights could be cancelled or delayed.

Iberia put out the following statement: 

“Due to the strike that is to be held by Iberia Staff in Barcelona airport (BCN) planned for 27 and 28 July 2019, customers with an Iberia operated 075 ticketed issued by 25th July to or from Barcelona who wish to move their departure away from the days of the strike, may rebook to an alternative date between 25th July to 4th August, 2019.”

Those booked on Iberia flights with queries can call 901 111 500 open 24 hours a day and check your flight status HERE

Those booked with other airlines flying through El Prat this weekend should be aware that their flights are also likely to be affected and should check the airport flight status HERE as well as the individual airline.

Last minute negotations between unions representing the 2,700 Iberia groundstaff at El Prat and company representatives stalled on Thursday.

Staff complain that they are overworked and that an agreement struck last year to end similar strike action has not been met.

What to do if your flight is cancelled or delayed

Passeners have certain rights when it comes to flight disruptions caused by industrial action. Spain's consumer association FACUA  outlines that airline authorties must issue vouchers for food and drink sufficiently required throughout the delay. They must also provide hotel accomodation if the flight is delayed overnight.

If your flight is cancelled you could be entitled to compensation under EU regulations which set compensation at €250 for a journey of up to 1,500km rising to €600 for journeyts over 3,500 km.

That compensation may also be payable on top of reimbursement of the costs caused by the delay or cancellations such as car hire or hotel bookings.

Javier López, Marketing Director of Reclamaciondevuelos.com, explains: “The airlines are obliged to cover the expenses derived from these incidents such as cancellations of accommodation at the destination, loss of car rental and other disbursements related to the trip that could not be enjoyed.” 

He said that in some cases, the traveller may be entitled to claim for damages such as loss of vacation days or loss of earnings if it was a work trip that was affected. 



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