Spanish word of the day: ‘Mango’

Spanish word of the day: 'Mango'
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While this word means the same fruit in Spanish and English, it also means something entirely different.

Mango also means a handle and is the first person singular of a colloquial verb “mangar” which means to steal. Let’s see some examples:


  • Los mangos son frutas muy dulces y sabrosas. 

               Mangos are very sweet and tasty fruits.


  • El mango de la olla es de plástico, así no te quemas al cogerlo. 

              The pot’s handle is made out of plastic, so you don’t burn yourself when you pick it up.


As a colloquial verb, mangar means to steal:


  • El chico ha mangado dinero a sus padres para comprarse un videojuego.

               The boy stole money from his parents to buy a videogame.


 The expression ‘coger la sarten por el mango’ means to be in control or to lead:


  • Alguien tiene que coger la sartén por el mango y liderar la situación

               Someone has to lead the situation.


Here is a song from Paulina Rubio with the word. Can you hear where it's mentioned? 



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