Spanish Word of the Day: Previo

Spanish Word of the Day: Previo
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Here is a very handy Spanish word to talk about prior or past events.

We are bringing new words every week, but you might want to go back and take a look at palabras previas!

So today's Spanish Word of the Day means exactly that: previous. However, as you will imagine 'previo' has more meanings in Spanish. Let's see some examples:

–        La semana previa al viaje nos enteramos de que estaba embarazada.

The week prior to the trip we found that I was pregnant.

–        El ejercicio previo al examen fue muy difícil de resolver.

The exercise prior to the exam was very hard to complete.

–        El candidato debe tener experiencia previa en un puesto similar.

The exercise prior to the exam was very hard to complete.

–        Un empresa puede despedirte sin aviso previo.

A company can make you redundant without prior notice.

To finish, in a football context 'la previa' is everything that happens before the game (usually involves alcohol).

–        Ellos están en un bar con la previa.

They are in a bar before the game starts.

In Spain there are plenty of football theme songs to spice up 'la previa' like for example:  Mi gran noche or Maradona.

Pronunciation: preh-bee-oh

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