Spanish word of the day: ‘Alianza’

Spanish word of the day: 'Alianza'
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This word's most known meaning is alliance!

But  we have included some other meanings for the word in Spanish:


  • Estamos valorando una alianza con la sociedad EPG.

               We are assessing the alliance with the EPG society.


 Apart from alliance, the word means a bond: 


  • La alianza de los partidos de oposición cobró fuerza.

The bond of the opposition parties gained strength.


And in Spain we also use it to refer to a wedding ring. Isn't this a real bond between people !?


  • Cuando le puso la alianza en el dedo, se emocionó.

               She became emotional when he put the wedding ring on her finger.


To practice this new vocabulary here is a song from Chayanne called 'Bailando dos corazones' that describes a couple dancing while falling in love.



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This word of the day has been contributed by LAE Madrid, the leading Spanish academy in Madrid. Accredited by the Insitituto Cervantes, it offers Spanish courses for all levels and also has Spanish classes for kids and families.

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