Spanish Word of the Day: Gente

Today's Spanish Word of the Day comes up in conversation all the time but foreign language learners often struggle to use it correctly.

Spanish Word of the Day: Gente
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Today's Spanish word of the day is 'gente' and means people.

This word is super common so it's important that you know exacty how to use it and we're here to give you some useful examples!

IMPORTANT: gente is always singular and feminine “la gente”.

–        Algunos dicen que hay más gente mala que buena en el mundo.

               Some say that bad people outnumber the good in this world.

–        Marta es muy buena gente, puedes confiar en ella.

Marta is a good person. You can trust her.

–        Yo conozco a mi gente, aquellos que siempre han estado a mi lado.

               I know my people, those that have always been by my side.

–        ¡Hola, gente!

               Hi folks!

Here are some great phrases for you to use that include gente:

–        Los niños piden los mismos regalos de navidad que sus amigos. ¿Adónde va Vicente? donde va la gente.

               Children ask for the same Christmas presents as his friends. Monkey see monkey do.

–        Voy a hacer lo que a mí me parezca. Ande yo caliente, ríase la gente.

               I will do what I like. Who cares what people think or say.

We are finishing off with the super hit song by J Balvin, Mi Gente.

… Toda mi gente se mueve 
Mira el ritmo cómo los tiene 
Hago música que entretiene 
El mundo nos quiere, nos quiere, y me quiere a mí…

Pronunciation: hen-te

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