Brit vows to walk from Gibraltar to Westminster in protest at Brexit

Brit vows to walk from Gibraltar to Westminster in protest at Brexit
Anthony Hogan is going to walk 2,000 miles against Brexit. Photo: A Hogan.
Anthony Hogan, an ex-pat working in Madrid likes to walk. Now he wants to set off on an epic walk starting at the Rock and ending 2,000 miles, over four months later at the doors of the British parliament.

Through a crowdfund he hopes to match Aaron Banks' £450,000 donation donating any money raised to stop privatisation of the NHS. 

He will start at the height of summer, tracing his route east along Spain’s Costa del Sol, Costa Tropical and up to the Costa Blanca until he turns north and sets his course for the Pyrenees.

From there it will be a long trek across France and across the Channel until he arrives, probably around the time the Christmas lights are going up, in London.

So what inspired Anthony Hogan? “When I heard the revelation of the £450 grand donation I thought to myself: ‘Imagine that donation going to a party that is economically responsible, interested in society and actually put forward some sensible policies,” he told The Local.

So he came up with the idea to raise the same amount but to donate it to the Green Party, Libdems and parties opposed to privatisation, and that he believes “have some good policies and social responsibility”.

“I thought it’s about time I tried to do something instead of just complaining. You either shut up or do something about it,” said Hogan.

Hogan will be crowdfunding his walk, which will start in early August, hoping to raise  £225 for every mile of the 2,000 mile route.

Supporters can follow his progress on Twitter and with updates posted to the Crowd Funder using satellite tracking.

Along the way, Hogan hopes to meet Brits of all kinds, those who have made their homes in the south of sunny Spain, and those who are just visiting for the summer holidays.

He hopes people will join him and walk alongside him, even if it’s just for a short while.

He especially wants to meet Brits who voted for Brexit in the 2016  referendum. “I’d really like to meet people and ask them along the way what they feel about Brexit, especially those who voted for it. I want them to explain to me why they did and see if I can understand their point of view. I am open to that.”

For more information on Anthony Hogan's protest march and to support him, visit his crowdfunding page. and follow him on Twitter.

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