Spanish Word of the day: Mazo

Spanish Word of the day: Mazo
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This week celebrates San Isidro, Madrid's patron saint and with that, we have some typical Madrid slang to help you sound like a local.

Today’s Word of the day is ‘mazo’. This word means mallet but in Madrid it's used to mean ‘a lot’, or mucho in Spanish.-       

Necesito comprar un mazo para poder montar la mesa.

               I need a mallet to assemble the table.

Madrid Mola Mazo!

–        Pidió un helado con mazo de chocolate.

He asked for an ice cream with a lot of chocolate.

–        El nuevo parque de atracciones mola mazo.

               The new amusement park is really cool.

–        Compró un mazo de plumas para rellenar el colchón.

               He bought a bunch of feathers for the mattress.

Finally, here is a famous saying using mazo:

–        A Dios rogando y con el mazo dando.

              God helps those who help themselves.

Pronunciation: Ma-zo

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