Spanish Word of the day: ‘Calor’

Spanish Word of the day: 'Calor'
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If you're in Spain, or planning on travelling to the Iberian Peninsula this summer, you're probably going to hear this a lot! It means hot, heat or warmth.

Here are some examples: 


  • Yo tengo mucho calor en verano.

               I get very hot during the summer.


  • Fuimos de acampada y contamos historias de miedo al calor de la hoguera.

         We went camping and told scary stories by the warmth of the campfire.


  • El grupo musical fue recibido con mucho calor por el público.

        The musical group was received with warmth by the audience.


  • En Agosto en Madrid el calor aprieta.

       In August in Madrid the heat is stifling.


  • La playa era preciosa aunque nos asamos de calor.

       The beach was beautiful but we fried in the heat.


  • Durante el verano sufro de golpes de calor.

         During the summer I suffer from heat stroke.

Come rain or shine


  • Vamos a ir a la montaña llueva o haga calor.

       We are going to the mountains come rain or shine.




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This word of the day has been contributed by LAE Madrid, the leading Spanish academy in Madrid. Accredited by the Insitituto Cervantes, it offers Spanish courses for all levels and also has Spanish classes for kids and families.

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