What will the weather be like this Easter in Spain?

What will the weather be like this Easter in Spain?
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The rain in Spain will fall mainly all over the plain (and its islands) during this year’s Semana Santa holidays.

April is notoriously a rainy month in Spain, as the saying “en abril agua es mil” (in April water is a thousand) suggests. 

And so it is that Spain residents setting off to another part of the country or sun-seeking foreigners flying over from abroad will unfortunately be met by showers from Wednesday April 17th to at least Friday 19th.

On Wednesday 17th western Spain all the way from Galicia down to Andalusia (including the capital Madrid) will experience showers throughout the day.

The Canary Islands most westerly islands will also have rain and cloudy skies, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura being the only ones to escape the bad weather. 

The east of Spain – Catalonia, the Balearics, Valencia and Murcia – will also get partially sunny skies rather than showers.

Daytime temperatures will range between 13 and 18 C around most of Spain.

On Thursday 18th rainfall will reach almost every corner of mainland Spain. Only some parts of Catalonia, the Balearics and the Canaries will get sunshine and 20 C temperatures.

The mercury in Madrid will remain below 15 C as in much of central and northern Spain.

On Friday 19th the weather is likely to be cloudy across much of mainland Spain. Meteorologists at Spain’s public weather agency AEMET are uncertain about how much rain will fall but Madrid and Comunidad Valenciana are forecast to get some showers.

Northern Spain in expected to receive more sunshine over the course of the day that the south.

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On Saturday 20th the cloudy weather is forecast to continue around much of the country and its archipelagos, with Spain’s northern coast again getting most of the sunshine.

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