Spanish Word of The Day: Sede

Spanish Word of The Day: Sede
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Today's Spanish Word of The Day is nothing like it's English translation. Can you guess what it means?

Today's word of the day in Spanish is sede. This word means headquarters.

Here are some examples of how to use it:

–        La sede de la empresa está en Londres

              The headquarter of the company is in London.

–        Con sede en Estados Unidos, McDonald's es una de las empresas con más proyección internacional.

             With headquarters in the US, Macdonald's is one of the most international companies.

Central office:

–        Prada tiene una lujosa sede en Italia.

               Prada has a luxurious office in Italy.

Seat of a university:

–        La sede de la Universidad de Oriente está en Alemania.

              The seat of the Oriente University is in Germany.

Pronunciation: Se-de

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