Spanish word of the Day: ‘Ligar’

Spanish word of the Day: 'Ligar'
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Today's word means to tie.

This word has come to mean a few different things in different contexts so let's take a look at some examples of exactly how it's used.


  • El niño todavía está aprendiendo a ligar los cordones de sus zapatos.

               The boy is still learning to tie his shoelaces.


  • Es muy difícil conseguir ligar bien la salsa bechamel.

               It's very difficult to thicken béchamel sauce.


  • Conseguí ligar una escalera de póker en la última partida.

               I was able to put together a straight when playing poker.


You'll hear the word ligar used constantly among Spanish friends that are dating – it means to hook up with someone or 'to pull': 


  • Jorge ligó con la chica de sus sueños el fin de semana pasado.

              Jorge hooked up with the girl of his dreams last weekend.


When talking reflexively, ligarse means to associate oneself with a person or a cause.  


  • No quiero ligarme a un proyecto inviable.

               I don't want to associate myself with an unviable project.






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