FBI offered info stolen in raid on N.Korean embassy in Madrid

The alleged leader of an armed group that broke into Madrid's North Korean embassy in February, roughing up employees and robbing computers, offered the stolen information to the FBI, a Spanish court said Tuesday.

FBI offered info stolen in raid on N.Korean embassy in Madrid
A view of the exterior of the North Korean Embassy. Photo: Google View

Adrian Hong Chang, of Mexican nationality, contacted “the FBI in New York five days after the assault to faciliate information related to the incident in the embassy,” Spain's National Court said in a statement, adding he said he had acted of his own accord.

These are the first official details to emerge from the mysterious incident on February 22nd after investigating magistrate Jose de la Mata lifted the secrecy surrounding the case.

Prior to this, media reports had merely said that a group of men had burst into the diplomatic mission, roughing up employees before making off with documents and computers.

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The incident took place days before a high-stakes nuclear summit between North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and US President Donald Trump that ultimately failed to reach an accord.

According to de la Mata, two of the assailants took the embassy's commercial attache to an underground room and urged him to defect, which he refused.

They identified themselves “as members of an association of human rights movement for the liberation of North Korea.”

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Ex-US Marine held over Madrid’s N.Korea embassy attack

A former US Marine who allegedly took part in an attack on North Korea's embassy in Spain has been ordered by a judge to be held without bail pending extradition.

Ex-US Marine held over Madrid's N.Korea embassy attack
Photo: AFP

Documents filed in federal court in Los Angeles late Tuesday said Christopher Ahn was wanted by Spain for breaking into Pyongyang's embassy in Madrid, stealing items and causing injuries in the February 22 raid by a group of anti-North Korea activists.

Ahn, 37, from Chino, California, was arrested in California on April 18 on an extradition request from Spain.

He allegedly belonged to a group calling itself “Cheollima Civil Defense” which undertook the commando-style assault on the embassy compound.   

Wielding knives and fake guns, the attackers tied up embassy occupants and stole computers and other materials.   

The gate to the North Korean embassy in Madrid where the attack took place. Photo: Google images. 

The group, which seeks the ouster of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, was led by Mexican national Adrian Hong Chang.   

Hong, who spent much of his life in the United States as a consultant and activist, fled to the US after the raid where he met with FBI officials in New York and Los Angeles.

Since then his whereabouts have been unknown.

Lee Wolosky, a lawyer associated with the group, suggested to CNN that he had gone into hiding after authorities tried to arrest him..

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