Spanish Word of the Day: ‘Negocio’

Spanish Word of the Day: 'Negocio'
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Today's word of the day is 'negocio', which means business.

 It's a great Spanish word for anyone interested in the business sector.  This word will come up on any entrepreneurship magazine or networking event in Spain.


  • Después de mucho trabajo finalmente su idea de negocio comienza a dar frutos.

       After a lot of effort their business idea is finally coming to fruition.


  • Acaban de obtener financiación de inversores internacionales para su negocio.

       They've just obtained finance from international investors to put into their business.


It can mean to take on a new business


  • Después de que su primer negocio fracasara decidieron emprender en un nuevo sector.

       After their first business failed they decided to take on a new business on a different



To lease a business:


  • Cedió la explotación de su negocio a una empresa extranjera.

       They've leased their business to a foreign company.


It can also mean to negotiate:


  • Después de muchas negociaciones cerraron la compraventa de los inmuebles.

       After negotiating for a while they sealed a deal for the buying of the real state.


Or to do business:


  • Están interesados en hacer negocio no en tratar bien al cliente.

       They seem to be more interested on doing business than customer service.


Finally here are some specific meanings of the word negocio in Spanish:


  • Negocio familiar.

               Family business.


  • Volumen de negocio.

               High turnover.





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This word of the day has been contributed by LAE Madrid, the leading Spanish academy in Madrid. Accredited by the Insitituto Cervantes, it offers Spanish courses for all levels and also has Spanish classes for kids and families.

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