Storm ‘Helena’ sweeps across Spain bringing high winds, storms and flooding

Storm 'Helena' sweeps across Spain bringing high winds, storms and flooding
Photo: AFP
Storm 'Helena' swept into Spain uprooting trees, causing landslides and floods.

Across Spain, 28 provinces were issued with weather warnings by Spain's State Metereological Agency (AEMET).



Galicia was the worst hit when the storm reached the peninsula during Thursday night, according to AEMET, which recorded hurricane-strength wind speeds of 136 km/h in Fisterra, a small town in the province of A Coruña.

Some streets in the eastern parts of Galicia were blocked by landslides and heavy snow caused problems on the roads. 


The Galician coast this morning.

In other parts of Spain strong winds were registered although they did not exceed 120 km/h, the speed from which they would be considered a hurricane.

In the Estaca de Bares in A Coruña, the northernmost point of Spain, wind speeds of 117 km/h were measured while in the municipality of Olvera in Càdiz in Andalucia, the maximum speed detected was 106 km/h.

Skies darken as 'Helena' approaches Vigo in Galicia:

In the provinces of Lugo and Ourense, the snow brought by 'Helena' caused traffic problems on some roads and forced the closure of the A-52 to A Canda.


Due to the stormy weather, flights may be cancelled, so if you plan to travel in the Galician region this weekend, make sure to check your flight status and keep updated on the weather situation, states the tweet below: 


In Seville (Andalucia), the ski resort of La Pinilla (Segovia) and the city of A Coruña the winds reached speeds ranging from 94 to 98 km/h.

Civil protection and emergency services recommend to secure doors, windows and all objects that could fall on public roads. The public were warned to stay away from trees, walls or building under construction as well as cranes that could be detached from the ground.

Views of 'Helena' from space.