Spanish Word of the Day: Aburrido

Spanish Word of the Day: Aburrido
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Do you know all the uses of this very handy Spanish adjective?

Aburrido is the past of the verb aburrir, which means to bore. Aburrido means boring, tedious, half-hearted and a drag.

Here you can see how we must differentiate between ser and estar when using this ver as each have different meanings!

–        Estoy aburrido.

I’m bored.

–        Lo que dices es muy aburrido.

What you say is so boring.

Saying eres aburrido instead of estás aburrido, is the difference between saying that someone is boring and not bored!

REMEMBER: when speaking about a woman, you'll need to use -a at the end.

When using the verb reflexively, the meaning changes:

–        ¡Me aburre tanto tener a tanta gente preguntándome la misma cosa!

So many people asking me the same question makes me so bored.

Pronunciation: ah-booh-reeh-doh

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