Two-month-old baby in ICU in Spain after brutal beating by father

Two-month-old baby in ICU in Spain after brutal beating by father
Stock photo: AFP
A two-month-old baby has been admitted into hospital in Barcelona after being viciously beaten by his 21-year-old father.

Spanish society is in shock after yet another case of heart-wrenching domestic violence, this time involving a baby of little more than 60 days of age. 

According to Catalan police, the infant was brutally beaten by his father on Thursday at their family home in the coastal Barcelona county of Maresme.

When the baby’s mother took the child to Vall d’Hebron hospital, staff immediately suspected its head injuries were incurred during a beating, leading them to contact local Mossos d’Esquadra police.

Officers have since arrested the infant’s father as the main suspect.

The 21 year old is known to authorities for previous complaints involving domestic violence and now faces a charge of grievous bodily harm.

The child is currently in intensive care, with little other information being disclosed given his young age.

His mother’s state of health also remains unknown.

Spain is currently reviewing its penal code to incorporate stricter and more specific laws aimed at dealing with child abuse.

More than 100 complaints relating to physical abuse against children are recorded in Spain every day.