Ten beautiful Spanish villages to visit when it snows

Ten beautiful Spanish villages to visit when it snows
Photo: Raúl Villalón/Flickr
Next time a cold front brings snow to Spain, remember to visit one of these breathtaking snowcapped villages.

Spain has its fair share of picture-perfect pueblos that are worth a visit in the warmer months, but when it comes to winter getaways, there are a handful of pueblos that make braving the cold all the more worth it. 

Some of them are mountainous municipalities, others that are on Spain’s vast open plains see the mercury plummet in winter bringing with it snow, and there’s even a snow-covered village on the holiday island of Majorca.

So when the next snowy blizzard blows its way across Spain and you’re in the mood for a fairytale day trip, set your GPS to one of these winter wonderlands.

Lanuza (Huesca, Aragón)

Photo: Vicente Villamón/Flickr


Ortigosa de Cameros (La Rioja) 

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Riaño (León, Castilla y Leon)

Photo: Raúl Villalón/Flickr


Valldemossa (Mallorca, Balearic Islands)

Photo: Deposit PhotosPhoto: Toni Coll/Flickr


Alcalá del Júcar (Albacete, Castilla y La Mancha)

Photo: Alcalá del Júcar Town Hall

Tavascan (Lleida, Catalonia)

Photo: Jose María Miñarro/Flickr


Cerler (Huesca, Aragón) 

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Briviesca (Burgos, Castilla y León)

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Ronda (Malaga, Andalusia). Technically it isn't a village but Ronda is far too picturesque in the snow to leave out of the list.

Photo: AFP

Ávila (Castilla y León). More of a town than a pueblo, Ávila looks truly majestic after a snowfall. 

Photo: Kukumismelo/Flickr